Sauna, the luxury of designing people’s well-being I ARK Architects

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Sauna, the luxury of designing people’s well-being I ARK Architects

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Home saunas have been used for thousands of years in Finland and nearly a third of all adults there take them regularly.

The concept has years of experience in design, with a team of brilliantly creative minds who offer a personal design service on both high-end refurbishments and luxury new builds. Immersing you in a luxurious, tangible experience, our designs utilize our knowledge of timeless styles and materials to deliver a steam or sauna room that will cater to the holistic wellbeing.

The Sauna as a place of purification of the body and the spirit through natural elements such as heat and steam.

Manuel Ruiz Moriche
Many studies have arisen which have been dedicated to spotlighting the exact physiological effects of sauna bathing and their extent. However, despite all the additional and comprehensive research sauna baths have been experiencing in recent years, there remains an unfortunately high amount of misinformation concerning what different saunas can or cannot do for people’s health. Anyone keen on finding out the extensive effects of frequent Finnish sauna sessions will no doubt want to ensure they are getting the advantages that fully immersive experiences provide.
Of particular concern are spurious claims made by some companies about saunas design and their potential role in detoxification, weight loss, and addiction. Although it’s true to say that regular saunas can aid weight loss and addiction, it’s best to be careful about what information you read when it comes to associated health claims.
A trusted and key authority in the field is Dr. Jari Laukkanen, cardiologist and professor at the Central Finland Health Care District and University of Jyväskylä. He’s a leading figure in the health benefits associated with the practice and his work helps educate people about the real ways traditional Finnish home sauna can help improve their lives. 
His 2015 study, aimed at investigating the association between frequent sauna bathing and various cardiovascular issues, found that sauna bathing significantly reduced the risk of sudden cardiac death, fatal cardiovascular and coronary heart disease.A traditional Finnish sauna experience protects against cardiovascular disease, aids relaxation, sleep, rheumatoid diseases, chronic fatigue and pain syndromes. It also reduces stress, improves exercise performance, muscle recovery and the skin’s moisture barrier properties.Also, and perhaps most crucially, unlike cheaper Infrared Saunas which have seen a growth in popularity in recent times, a traditional Finnish sauna also improves arterial stiffness and protects against Alzheimers, dementia, respiratory disease and pneumonia. It’s no surprise that Finland chooses a traditional sauna 98% of the time.

Interestingly, Finnish saunas actually produce more infrared radiation compared to actual infrared saunas. Hence, any benefits induced through the use of (for example) infrared saunas or Waon therapy are equally applicable to Finnish saunas.

Sauna Health Benefits by Harvard Health

In ARK Architects we know that the latest technology is available to ensure complete control of your environment. Quick start smart controls mean you can have all of your preferences set up and ready for you at the touch of a button, including lighting, essence injection, and temperature. The smart technology means you can link this to your phone or any other smart device you wish to use, while a clean, smooth finish to the main controls means the aesthetics of your gome sauna or steam room are maintained.

When the stress and strain of life threaten to overwhelm, there are few better ways to slowly relax and let the pressures of life ease away than to unwind in a sauna. Easing pressure, easing tension, a luxury sauna experience facilitates a fresh balance and a renewed harmony with life.

The Sky Sauna soothes and renews in a way that little else can do, offering a high-quality sauna fit for any new high-end luxury development or quality refurbishment.

Time out is time well spent in these beautifully crafted and custom saunas, which can be customized to fit into any room of the house, whether bedroom, bathroom or specially designed spa area- fit for relaxation, fit for pleasure.

Making sure you are well hydrated before you get into a Finnish sauna is highly recommended. Saunas design cause the body to lose water so it’s good practice to drink at least one full glass of water prior to going in. Most of all enjoying the experience is important and there are many ways to do so. Receive the benefits alone, or with friends and family.

The positive effects of regular sauna bathing on body and soul are undisputed. In times like these it is important to strengthen the immune system.
Find out how sauna andand dry salt inhalation treatment strengthen the immune system and can therefore possibly protect you against an infection.


Coronaviruses, like the flu viruses, first multiply in the throat and neck area. The pathogen in particular infects cells of the lower respiratory tract and attacks the lungs in three phases: first the virus multiplies, then in the second phase it can cause a strong immune response and, in certain circumstances, destroy the lung tissue. Pneumonia may occur in the course of the infection.


The best prevention against the corona virus is a healthy lifestyle. This includes three things in particular: sport, balanced nutrition and regeneration and relaxation with luxury sauna and SANARIUM®. What viruses do not like: the hot air in a sauna. KLAFS is therefore recommending taking sauna baths at high temperatures (80-90°C) and breathing the hot air. Taking sauna baths regularly strengthens your immune system so that your body can better protect you from viruses and possible illnesses.


The salt activates and promotes the self-cleaning function of the lungs and is generally anti-inflammatory. It simulates the blood circulation in the lungs and cleans them as well as the entire respiratory tract of viruses, bacteria and allergies, such as dust or pollen.

Learn more about SaltProX, the beneficial salt treatment for a luxury sauna, ifrared cabins or for your home.

Sauna baths and dry salt inhalation are therefore well-suited to intensively strengthening the immune system and being prepared to fight the coronavirus. Mental relaxation also begins in the sauna – it de-stresses and recharges with new mental energy. Also good reasons to go to the sauna regularly in these uncertain times.

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