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We are Builders

ARK Architects as luxury home builders for over 25 years. We control the whole building process right from the beginning. ARK has its own construction site company, and the team that will undertake the project works strictly in keeping with the design and quality specifications of the architect’s design area. 

This guarantees the final results and that the project is completed to the utmost standards of quality and safety, and always delivered on time. Controlling the work also enables us to comply 100 percent with the delivery date we committed to. 

This is one of the most valuable commitments appreciated by ARK Architects clients who, once the project has started, are able to follow its progress in detail. Our high demands and our high levels of organization and efficiency give the client a global overview of the project planning, timescales, and project phases, a monthly reporting of the completed phases, and a deadline specific to each building phase. 

All this enables us to ensure with total confidence the date of delivery and that the client is always kept abreast of the project evolution.

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Our experience as luxury home builders has led us to know the best plots of land. These are complex terrains, so our first obligation is to carry out a good geotechnical study. We work with reputable companies of high prestige to fulfil that part and although the characteristics of the terrain limit us, fortunately technology exists that allows us to fulfil the dreams of our clients.

We work in a very safe sector. There are external quality control agencies and the municipalities, through work centres, carry out labour inspections. But that’s not all. At ARK we have our own internal controls to ensure that the work complies with current legislation.

We try to be totally independent and not to have to rely on anyone. That’s maybe, for me, one of ARK’s strengths. If we outsource an engineering work it is because we want to make sure that the latest technology is being used, but the truth is, we might probably be able to do it by ourselves. We have the right software and knowledge in all different fields. Anything we design we can build. The client trusts us, and is surprised at how well we work in Spain.


The area of influence taking in Campo de Gibraltar and the Costa del Sol is very geologically complex, hence the importance of accurate geotechnical studies, and in particular, the need to follow expert recommendations.

Geologically, the area under study is located in the context of the Cordillera Bética or Betic System of mountain ranges, which can be divided into three major geological units, one of which is the Campo de Gibraltar Complex, appearing mainly in the provinces of Cádiz and Málaga, although there are also terrains in North Africa which are tectonic equivalents of this complex.

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