La Zagaleta, a natural environment to live in

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La Zagaleta, a natural environment to live in

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La Zagaleta is located in an exceptional natural environment on the Costa del Sol, near Marbella, Spain. Part of the philosophy of La Zagaleta is the preservation of and respect for nature. The urbanization has a nature reserve where the native flora and fauna are protected and preserved.

The development has been designed to integrate harmoniously with its landscape. The area’s rich biodiversity and natural beauty are also fundamental aspects of its appeal. Here are some highlights of La Zagaleta’s natural surroundings.



Location and views

Native vegetation

Privacy and security



Location and views

La Zagaleta is situated in the hills of the Costa del Sol, giving you panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea, Gibraltar, Africa, and the majestic mountains from the comfort of your home. The unique topography of the area contributes to a scenic and tranquil setting.


Views of the Mediterranean Sea

From the heights of La Zagaleta, you can enjoy panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea. The development offers a unique perspective of the blue waters and the Mediterranean coastline.






Views of Gibraltar

On clear days, it is possible to glimpse Gibraltar from La Zagaleta. The iconic rock is a prominent presence on the horizon and adds an extra attraction to the panoramic views.


ARK ARCHITECTS - La Zagaleta Gibraltar


Views of the Surrounding Mountains

La Zagaleta is surrounded by mountains and hills covered in greenery. Panoramic views include mountainous landscapes that change color with the seasons, providing a dynamic visual spectacle.





Unforgettable Sunsets

The geographical position of La Zagaleta allows you to enjoy unforgettable sunsets over the sea or the mountains. The sky is filled with vibrant colors that offer a daily spectacle of natural beauty.


ARK ARCHITECTS - La Zagaleta sunset


Natural Beauty and Green Landscapes

La Zagaleta boasts extensive green areas, manicured gardens, and natural grounds. Panoramic views from the properties include natural landscapes with various flora and fauna.


villa en la zagaleta


Privacy and Tranquillity

In addition to the panoramic views, the elevation and design of La Zagaleta provide a sense of privacy and tranquillity. The distance from urban areas and the lush vegetation create a serene environment.

These panoramic views are an aesthetic feature and an integral component of the living experience at La Zagaleta, contributing to its reputation as one of the most exclusive and picturesque urbanizations on the Costa del Sol.




Native vegetation

La Zagaleta prides itself on its commitment to native vegetation. The gardens and green areas within the development incorporate local species that blend naturally with the surroundings.

These gardens have been carefully designed to complement the natural beauty of the surroundings and offer residents an exquisite and relaxing environment.

Here are some of the features you might find in the gardens of La Zagaleta:


ARK ARCHITECTS - La Zagaleta garden


The extensive landscaped gardens envelop you in an oasis of serenity, with outdoor living areas perfectly designed for entertaining.

High-quality Landscaping, the gardens of La Zagaleta are renowned for their high-quality landscaping. The landscapers and garden architects have created spaces that harmonize with the surrounding topography and take advantage of the terrain’s natural features.


ARK ARCHITECTS - La Zagaleta H23 - garden


The diversity of flora in the gardens of La Zagaleta is impressive. You can find a variety of ornamental plants, leafy trees, decorative shrubs, and flowers that contribute to the beauty and color of the surroundings.

It is common to find areas set aside for outdoor relaxation and entertainment within the gardens. This could include comfortable seating areas, pergolas, fountains, and other features that invite you to enjoy the outdoor environment.

Many properties in La Zagaleta have ornamental pools and ponds in their gardens. These elements add an aesthetic touch and provide relaxing and refreshing areas.


ARK ARCHITECTS - La Zagaleta Heaven villa


Villa Heaven 


In addition to the nature reserve, La Zagaleta has implemented conservation areas to protect the local biodiversity. These areas are sustainably managed to maintain the ecological balance.

The gardens in the villas of La Zagaleta are equipped with landscape lighting systems that highlight the beauty of the vegetation and allow you to enjoy the surroundings also during the evening hours.

Given the environmental awareness, some gardens may incorporate sustainable practices and conservation features, such as efficient irrigation systems and the selection of indigenous plants.


ARK ARCHITECTS - La Zagaleta VILLA Heaven - tree


These gardens contribute significantly to the exclusive lifestyle that La Zagaleta offers, creating beautiful and serene spaces for residents to enjoy in the privacy of their own homes.


Privacy and security

La Zagaleta is synonymous with privacy and security. Live with total peace of mind in this elite gated community, with 24-hour security.

Privacy is a fundamental element that distinguishes La Zagaleta as an exclusive and luxury development on the Costa del Sol, Spain. Here are some of the aspects that contribute to privacy in La Zagaleta:

La Zagaleta is a gated community, meaning access is restricted and controlled. This creates a physical barrier that limits entry to authorized residents and their guests only.


ARK ARCHITECTS - La Zagaleta seguridad


The development has a highly trained security team and advanced surveillance systems. The 24-hour security presence contributes to maintaining a safe and secure environment.

The layout of properties in La Zagaleta is planned to ensure adequate distance between residences, which helps prevent visual and auditory intrusion.

La Zagaleta has a code of conduct that residents and guests must follow. This code helps maintain a respectful and discreet environment, reinforcing residents’ privacy.

Public access to La Zagaleta is strictly restricted. Only authorized persons are allowed to enter, ensuring that the community is accessible only to those who belong to it or have been invited.

La Zagaleta offers personalized services for its residents, such as mail handling, concierge, and other services that contribute to a more exclusive and comfortable living experience.

These combined elements make La Zagaleta known for offering one of the highest levels of privacy in the luxury residential arena. Security, access restrictions, and careful design create an exclusive and sheltered environment for residents.



Being a luxury residential area in a natural setting, it is common to find various types of wildlife in the region. Here are some examples of animals that might be found in and around La Zagaleta:



The area is rich in birdlife. You can observe various birds, from raptors such as eagles and hawks to songbirds and waterfowl. The diversity of habitats, including forests, fields, and bodies of water, contributes to the presence of different species of birds.


ARK ARCHITECTS - La Zagaleta - aguilas


Horses and Farm Animals

La Zagaleta has equestrian facilities, so seeing horses in the area is common. In addition, some luxury properties may have areas for farm animals, such as goats or alpacas, as part of their facilities.

Within the Resort is the Zagaleta Equestrian Club and an elegant country house in a peaceful and natural setting. It offers first-class equestrian center facilities, including twenty stables, six paddocks, and a covered area for training, schooling, and jumping.

The Riding Club offers expert training for the young and the old, beginners and advanced riders wishing to reach the competition level.


ARK ARCHITECTS - La Zagaleta club hipica



Given the presence of wooded and mountainous areas, finding and roe deer around La Zagaleta is possible. These animals can occasionally be seen, especially in the early morning or dusk.


ARK ARCHITECTS - La Zagaleta ciervos



Foxes are animals that can adapt to urban and suburban environments. They can occasionally be found in wooded and open areas, searching for food or shelter.


ARK ARCHITECTS - La Zagaleta - zorros


Butterflies and Insects

The rich flora of the region attracts various species of butterflies and insects. The gardens and green spaces of La Zagaleta can be home to a varied population of insects and pollinators.


ARK ARCHITECTS - La Zagaleta - mariposas


Reptiles and Amphibians

Given the diversity of habitats on the Costa del Sol, it is possible to find reptiles such as lizards and amphibians such as frogs in areas close to bodies of water.

It is important to note that La Zagaleta is a private community emphasizing nature preservation and privacy. The presence of wild animals is part of the region’s natural wealth, and the development strives to balance luxury living with the conservation of the surrounding natural environment.

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