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ARK Landscaping

We engage in a dialogue with nature

Our modern landscaping services are an inseparable and very prominent part of the ARK homes. The garden is designed at the same time as the rest of the living spaces of the house. Thus, when integrating house and garden, the project acquires a unitary dimension, since everything was based on the same design concepts.

ARK landscaping succeeds at creating sense-loaded environments. The experience of theses gardens takes you to a meeting of man with nature, to a tangible utopia.

By paying attention to the “spirit of the place”. In modern landscaping, every place, every landscape, every atmosphere, every project is unique. Respecting the environment, playing with its language, merging with the surroundings, are essential elements to ensure that the house is in harmony with the natural environment.

“The garden is the mediator between the architecture and the place. It is this element that encourages nature to accept me, it enables me to put down roots. When I consider building a villa in a space, I wonder what I’m going to give back to nature in exchange for letting me be there. And what I’m going to give is the garden, an element of union, a pivot, that ensures that the architecture and the place end up coming together as one. So for me the garden is essential and yet it is the great forgotten aspect of contemporary architecture, even though it was already present in the origins of architecture, in Western culture when Plato and Aristotle taught in the gardens of “The Academy” and “The Lyceum” ”

Manuel R. Moriche

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Team responsible for ARK LANDSCAPING


Fernando Pérez

Landscape architect

Manuel Ruiz Moriche

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