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Occasionally there is an opportunity to create something unique – a community of extraordinary homes for extraordinary families – something truly rare and sublime

- Manuel Ruiz Moriche, Creative Director ARK Architects -

The Seven is a fully private community located in La Reserva that houses the most spectacular plots in Sotogrande overlooking the Golf, the Mediterranean Sea and the north coast of Africa.


In the heart of Sotogrande, The Seven is a fully private community located in La Reserva, that houses the most spectacular plots in Sotogrande overlooking the Golf, the Mediterranean Sea and the north coast of Africa. A fully secured perimeter to The Seven’s 12 hectare park is complete with CCTV and 24-hour security.

ARK architects has a vision: to create a project that would become a paradigm of a philosophy of life, to create a masterpiece integrated into the landscape with nature as the protagonist.

A spiritual retreat that transcends conventional boundaries and seamlessly blends in with the environment. The project draws inspiration from the beauty of nature. In fact, preserving it, honouring it and living in complete harmony with it was an unquestionable premise of this project.

This is how NIWA was born, which appears to emerge directly from the surrounding landscape. Its structures are organically interwoven with the environment, taking advantage of the natural elements. NIWA blends in with nature, becoming an integral part of it and creating a sense of peace, balance and security for its inhabitants.

NIWA adapts to your family’s way of life, paying attention to the comfort and quality of your lives. In the local natural environment, natural light is intense but softly covered by the surrounding nature.

The garden built to be sustainable

Heirs to the powerful landscape that surrounds us, the selection of native species is essential for our gardens and courtyards.
Landscaping is also of fundamental importance from the point of view of sustainability.

Manuel R. Moriche

“Projects where nature, spaces, natural light and a personal lifestyle all connect to create sustainable homes – this is our commitment”.

Price: 22.500.000 €




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One of the most exclusive residential estates in Europe. The Mediterranean Sea, the cradle of Western civilization, is today one of the most beautiful natural sites in
Europe. It has an exceptional climate of eternal summers and mild winters, sun almost every day of the year and an almost infinite extension of soft sandy beaches and impressive coves. Established in 1962 on the western side of the Costa del Sol in Andalusia, Sotogrande starts from the Mediterranean Sea and climbs up to the foothills of the Sierra Almenara mountain range.


Famous as a golfing destination, with world renowned Real Club Valderrama on-site, along La Reserva Club and Real Club Sotogrande, the estate is a paradise for sports lovers with facilities for world class polo, tennis, sailing, and water sports for all ages. A true gem overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.


The Seven is a fully private community located in La Reserva that houses the most spectacular plots in Sotogrande overlooking the Golf, the Mediterranean Sea and the north coast of Africa.

A place that it truly yours

The location and orientation of each plot and villa, has been carefully designed to protect your privacy and deliver a unique escape in front of the Mediterranean Sea.

In addition, The Seven is one of the very few residential communities in Spain that are truly private, to be enjoyed by its owners and guests alone. A fully secured perimeter to The Seven’s 12 hectare park is complete with concealed gatehouses, CCTV and 24-hour security.

NIWA SEVEN SOTOGRANDE by ARK Architects Manuel Ruiz Moriche - 1920px
La Reserva de Sotogrande is the last of the four Sotogrande districts that make up the original estate of Sotogrande. As one would say, we have “saved the best till last”. Overlooking the Mediterranean and surrounded by the stunning Andalusian countryside, La Reserva is an elegant, rare and sophisticated community at the heart of celebrated Sotogrande. This is a place where you can reconnect with yourself and your loved ones, offering the perfect place to live, relax, recharge your batteries and bring up a family, with everything you need on your doorstep.
Life, exactly as it should be
With its well established 18-hole golf course, tennis and racquet centre, restaurants and clubhouse, as well as the fashionable beach club, the allure of La Reserva lies in its diversity, in its Mediterranean beauty combined with the discreet elegance of its homes and the truly exquisite memories it delivers. Sotogrande and La Reserva overflow with opportunity, from polo to sailing, cycling and walking, each day spent on these shores is yours to curate, craft and enjoy.
La Reserva Club - Fire Moon-53- 1920px
La Reserva Club boasts one of the most impressive golf courses in the world
The course, part of the World of Leading Golf network, features resident professional and Ryder Cup winner, Manolo Piñero. Designed by the legendary Cabell B Robinson, our golf course stands out for its wide fairways and fast greens, an irresistible challenge for accomplished golfers. The course is consistently ranked amongst the best golf courses in Spain. At La Reserva Club, we know that golf is much more than a sport, it is a way of life. That’s why we offer an exceptional golf experience that combines a passion for the game with the natural beauty of the surroundings.
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Culinary delights... Eating at La Reserva is always doused in lashings of local flavour. La reserva club house restaurant
Find authentic Andalusian cuisine with a contemporary European twist in our charming restaurant at the clubhouse. Expect locally sourced, seasonal ingredients to take centre stage on the menu. Our innovative charcoal oven uses a special technique to ensure the perfect finish for grilled and roasted meats and fish.
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The beach restaurant
Next door you’ll find the achingly stylish restaurant at The Beach, which cleverly uses wood and light and a collection of natural earthy products. The menu comprises a healthy Mediterranean dishes. Visit us during the Gastronomic Journeys, which take place from April to October and during the summer, including some Michelin-starred chefs as guests.

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