The importance of models in Architecture by ARK Architects

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The importance of models in Architecture by ARK Architects

Reading time: 3

The importance of architectural model making could be thought to have reduced in recent years. With the introduction of new and innovative architecture design technology, is there still a place for model making in architecture?

“Architectural technology is one facet of a world that is increasingly virtual and mediated by technology. Whist these technologies have become essential to the way we live – and design – in this context the physical and real become more, not less, valuable.”

Architectural models have been found in civilizations dating back as far as 4600 B.C.E., however they were not likely to have been used to explore construction and design techniques, but rather as representations for gifts and offerings.

When Filippo Brunelleschi designed the Florence Cathedral Dome, he used a model as a way of more clearly communicating his design to the craftsmen involved in the construction.

There was a method of allowing verification and control, ensuring that the structure that was being built had been tested beforehand. It was much later that the objectification of these models gave them a new form of beauty.

With the development of modern advanced technologies, current architectural models can be fabricated in less time and have a higher level of detail.

In order to cope with the rapid development of construction industry’s diversification, and to show the clients and the public the features of design, such as the space layout, structure, surrounding environment, the illumination and ventilation inside the building, etc.

In advance, how to manufacture an architectural model quickly and perfectly is becoming an urgent necessity.

Furthermore, after considering the current global environmental issues and the sustainable development, it is increasingly important to develop green technologies which including processing model materials and architectural model making methods.

The outcomes and the applications of architectural models are keeping improving and innovating.

It means that architectural creativity will not stop to use architectural models widely.

For ARK Architects is very interesting in:

  • Communication and Overview

The architectural model helps clients and investors to imagine how the design looks like in reality by visualizing the 2D drawings or 3D digital models.

Making architectural models is an effective and efficient way to help the architect and the client to communicate.

Modifications to the design can be made before the building is taking place to ensure desired results.

Once the project is completed, the architectural model can be used as a sales tool for selling and marketing real estate.

It can show the potential housing purchaser the location of their units and its surroundings.

Natural elements such as afternoon shade can also be viewed through the displaying of site models to give life to the goal of an exhibition.

It is an excellent way to demonstrate the design of the construction projects by displaying stunning architectural models.

  • Public Display and Guidance

The architectural model can be served as a sitemap for large complex, for example, a city or a sitemap for a park to give visitors an idea of where they are and how to get to the desired locations.


In addition, local citizens can also benefit from model exhibition to get a better understanding and awareness of the project and how this project will affect them.

  • Abstract and Future Architectural Idea

Future concept models for the designs which can not actually build by using today’s technologies may help people to imagine the possibilities in the future.

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