Villa AIRE

Villa AIRE

ARK Architects presents the most sustainable villa on the Costa del Sol in Sotogrande; nature, sustainability, natural materials and architectural design come together to create a true work of art by architect Manuel Ruiz Moriche (hyperlink to Manuel R.M).

With unrivalled panoramic views of the entire Mediterranean coastline, Gibraltar, Africa and the golf course, Villa AIRE is inspired by the indigenous nature that surrounds it. To this end, it incorporates spacious patios that allow a feeling of living in constant contact with nature, durable materials, an efficient design, an appropriate use of light, and a host of productive features that minimise its environmental impact
and promote energy efficiency to create an efficient home with the highest degree of sustainability.

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Luxury Living in Sotogrande

Sotogrande is renowned for its prestigious and exclusive ambiance, reflected in its facilities of the highest standing. Its impeccable attention to detail and commitment to security ensure the residents’ comfort and tranquillity, creating a lifestyle experience that is truly unique and luxurious.

Sotogrande is also the perfect place for sports lovers as it is home to one of the most famous polo clubs in the world and five top-class golf courses rated among the best in Spain. The stunning landscapes surrounding the courses make playing a round a totally captivating and unforgettable experience, which attracts golfers from around the world to enjoy the delightful setting.

Sotogrande is much more than a place; it’s a whole lifestyle philosophy.

Over and above sport, Sotogrande offers a wide range of services such as superb restaurants, lively bars and luxury shopping centres that make this already vibrant area an exciting place to set up home. Sotogrande’s exclusive atmosphere and its commitment to privacy and discretion make this residential development even more appealing, turning it into the ideal option for those in search of a refined and sophisticated lifestyle.

All in all, Sotogrande is an area offering an unparalleled blend of luxury services, stunning landscapes and a vibrant atmosphere that creates a unique and exclusive experience that is highly sought after by those looking for the ultimate in sophistication and refinement.

The weather in Sotogrande

Sotogrande enjoys a privileged climate throughout the whole year. The average temperature is around 25ºC.
The hottest months of the year are June, July and August, the latter being the warmest with an average of 17ºC (81ºF). These months are also the driest.
The coldest months are January and February, with a highest average temperature of between 12ºC and 15ºC (60ºF).

Does sotogrande enjoy sea views?

Nearly all the properties in Sotogrande boast stunning panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea, Gibraltar and the north of Africa, making it an extremely appealing place for discriminating residents in pursuit of a luxurious and exclusive lifestyle. The placid sea views provide an extra layer of peace and relaxation, enhancing even more the serene atmosphere of this prestigious development.

sotogrande landscape

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