How to build a masterpiece

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How to build a masterpiece

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Two of the most exclusive masterpieces by the ARK architecture firm are located in Sotogrande: Villa Vela and Villa The Hill. Today, we are delving inside them.

You can live in a villa, even in a luxury villa, but living in a masterpiece is something special. The architects at the prestigious company ARK are well-aware of this. Their famous masterpieces have that unique and genuine touch that only the great masters are able to give.

With a select choice of materials and texture, consummate respect for sustainability and an essential touch of design and good taste, unique villas such as Villa Vela and Villa The Hill are created. Both are located in Sotogrande and are two of the most exclusive masterpieces by ARK Architects.

Villa Vela and Villa The Hill reflect the passion for Mediterranean light, sustainability and noble materials. Obsessions that, on the other hand, always guide the good work of ARK in all its projects, whether in Sotogrande, Zagaleta, Marbella, New York, Miami and Cascais.

As their slogan says: “Creating masterpieces with the same passion as the first day”. These two villas are the best example.

Villa Vela

Villa Vela View


This beautiful contemporary villa is spread over three floors with pure and elegant lines, that play with the circular forms to attain a panoramic view over the sea and La Reserva Club.

The property has five bedrooms and is complemented with all kinds of spaces for living and entertainment: an indoor pool, a complete spa, Turkish bath, sauna, jacuzzi, gym, as well as a wine cellar and a cinema.

In this masterpiece, the garden is not only another outdoor space, it really acts as an intermediary between the architecture and the environment, conveying the essence of living in the midst of nature. The exterior spaces are meticulously designed to offer privacy and frame the impressive views of the Mediterranean and the Rock of Gibraltar. Also, they have a large infinity pool, a pool house with a bar and barbeque and a garage for 10 vehicles.


Villa The Hill

Villa The Hill View


In a privileged location, in Sotogrande Bajo and with sea views, Villa The Hill is one of the jewels in the crown of ARK. Here, nature, luxury and lifestyle combine to result in a perfect design, the balanced sum of reason and emotion, where harmony and peacefulness are the key.

The villa maintains classic and modern characteristics, with large windows where light -the essential hallmark of ARK Architects- acts as another element of the construction. Among its amenities, Villa The Hill includes indoor and outdoor pools and a gym. Also, its extensive gardens protect privacy and, at the same time, make the most of the unique views offered by the Sotogrande setting.

Now you have seen it. That is how impressive the ARK masterpieces are, now imagine what it would be like to live inside them.

By Manuel R. Moriche

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