“Fashion is architecture, it’s a question of proportions” Coco Chanel


Structures, proportions, textures, colours, volumes …

Are we talking about architecture, or perhaps haute couture? Either of these is possible because both worlds share aesthetics, both universes are gazed upon, provide inspiration and nurtured. They both, in any cases and on the work table, have the same goal: to create beauty.

The great Coco Chanel already said it: “Fashion is architecture, it’s a question of proportions”. Of proportions and volumes, two of the major concerns architects, to find the right balance between creativity and functionality in each of their projects.

For ARK Architects, architecture is a multisensory experience which aspires to happiness. Every dream house is designed as a tailored suit. Fulfilling the functions to which it is intended is paramount, but it also has to excite the senses, possess its own character and be a unique piece.
And in this journey towards happiness everything is measured so that, as in haute couture, the home that is built adapts to the lifestyle and the needs of the owner, how he or she wants to feel or the image he or she wants to project .

Coco Chanel

The Guggenheim, the Sydney Opera House and the Beckman Tower have inspired designs by Balenciaga, Marchesa or Dolce Gabbana

The technique and perfection with which Cristóbal Balenciaga executed his patterns led him to be recognized as the architect of haute couture, baptized as such by his partner at the fashion house Givenchy. The similarity between fashion and artistic expression was pointed out by Balenciaga himself: “The designer must be an architect with the patterns, a sculptor with the shapes, a painter with the colours, a musician for the harmony and a philosopher for the sense of measure”.
The importance that haute couture and the big international fashion firms are giving to architecture is not only reflected in their designs but also in the construction of large buildings for their luxurious establishments. These fashion houses are not just satisfied with occupying the most desired spaces in the big cities, but they also resort to the most famous architects and interior designers to turn their stores into dream places.

The fashion industry wants to create pieces that, far from being ephemeral, are durable over time, as is the case with architecture.

Each work phase of ARK Architects is designed to achieve a totally personalised project that, just like in fashion, has its origin in achieving beauty, beauty which is ephemeral on the catwalk, but enduring in architecture. And that is precisely the desire of the fashion industry, which looks to the sky to evoke on its work table, scissors in hand, the feeling that it is creating something colossal, a piece forever remembered.
The true affirmation that architecture has been and continues to be a mirror in which fashion gazes upon was demonstrated by prestigious firms such as Balenciaga, Marchesa or Dolce Gabbana, whose designs have been inspired by well known architectural buildings such as the Guggenheim in Bilbao , the Sydney Opera House, the Beckman Tower in New York or the Tower of Pisa.

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