Zagaleta is a special place for good architecture

La Zagaleta is an urbanization project in Marbella (Benahavis) , built at the foot of the Serranía de Ronda hill for the very wealthy. Its villas are set on 900 hectares of land, between mountains and valleys, with views of the Mediterranean Sea.

The villas stand out for their spectacular architecture and existing building level. ARK Architects is one of the region’s leading designers and builders, with Manuel R. Moriche leading the architectural firm for over 25 years.

Construction of the development began in the early 1990s thanks to a group of investors led by Enrique Pérez Flores. The land originally belonged to the family of a well-known drugmaker. It then fell into the hands of arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi. In 1989, banks seized the Saudi tycoon’s property to pay off his debts. It was then that Pérez Flores set his sights on the land to build his urban development project

The decisions Flores made define La Zagaleta’s DNA. He would rather only plan 420 homes than the 3,000 he planned at the start. In this way, the development gains space for gardens and two 18-hole golf courses.

There are now 259 properties with plots ranging from 3,000 to 10,000 sqm. But there is also space for social clubs, horse riding, tennis and cricket.

Zagaleta famous residents if you’ve ever searched for anything about Zagaleta, you’ve found yourself curious about famous Zagaleta celebrities. Well, you are not alone.

Putin, Shakira, Bono, Ronaldo, The Rock, etc…there are many rumours that they have homes in Zagaleta, but in any case, confidentiality is very important and has to be maintained 100%.

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How many parts is divided sector zagaleta?

Sector Zagaleta is divided into different parts, from the letters A, B, C to J. These roads are named after Spanish painters and composers such as Manuel de Falla and Claudio Coello. In terms of landscape, the best sector and the most expensive mid-price level is the H sector. It is located on the highest peak of Zagaleta, very close to safety. Here, almost all properties are south-west facing with these wonderful views. You can easily see Africa and Gibraltar. Currently, there are several properties in the sector at the 10 to 20 million level.

ARK: the best architects in La Zagaleta

To maintain the status of this luxurious urbanization, one of the critical aspects is to have one of the best architects. Here in Zagaleta, it has to be ARK architects.

One of the great influencers of the new style, modern villas, high-end materials and homes tailored to younger, tech-savvy, remote-working residents for whom security is paramount, is Manuel Ruiz Moriche, a leading architect on the Costa del Sol, from Gibraltar to Malaga.


Is La Zagaleta safe?

For a place this big, there are two access points. These points are commonly referred to as the south gate and the north gate. If you find yourself worrying about la Zagaleta security, you really shouldn’t! Both of these entrances are safely guarded, with security guards performing timely patrols and keeping an eye on the surroundings.

La Zagaleta Services

Hotel experience to its maximum. Zagaleta service has around 50 staff to make your life convenient. Shopping delivered before your arrival, services of nannies, chefs, drivers, cleaning, and so many more. There is a collaboration with local hospitals in the event of an emergency. They can send a helicopter to assist you as fast as possible and take you to the nearest hospitals, less than 15km away. Literally like living in a small town. Any and everything you might need is this urbanization.

100% Secure financial assets

When you invest in plots of land with a special DNA and manage to develop a project based on the human-oriented architecture of the 21st century, you can create true works of art.

Every detail, from the hinge of a door to the way the light enters the interior of the house, must be analyzed.  In this way, life in Zagaleta is made unique and special.

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