Why do you need to visit your next villa in Virtual Reality?

ARK Virtual Reality goes beyond reality in search of unique living experiences for each project.

We bring VR architecture to life by creating bespoke immersive solutions that allow our clients to visit their future villas in virtual reality.

Let’s see why VR is key for making your next real-estate acquisition:

  1. You will explore the space from the human scale point of view, being able to live architecture in person. This is the only and most realistic way to feel an un-built architectural project.
  1. You will visualize the project concept as a whole instead of the sum of the parts. It has never been easier to understand the complexity of the design.
  1. You will get trustworthy and detailed information from every corner of the project. Nothing can match the accuracy and quality of the sensory input provided by an immersive experience.
  1. You will foresee the advantages and enjoy the potential of your villa’s unique atmospheres based on a “real-life” emotional experience. Thus, you will get to know more about yourself and learn how you would like to live in the future.
  1. You will use state-of-the-art technology as professionals of the most challenging fields do. Creators across the industries of design, architecture, engineering, automotive, film, healthcare, aerospace… rely on interactive virtual simulations achieving stunning results.
  1. Ultimately, the complete experience of visiting a villa in virtual reality will definitely help you make the right choice when acquiring an architectural masterpiece.
ARTIX Metaverso ARK Architects

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