Villa Tierra


Two lines draw this project, – broken while minimalist and sober – two lines parallel to the continuous and flat landscape. Two lines that shelter the shaded spaces to inhabit, and from which the garden that surrounds the project is contemplated.

Only two exceptions escape the absolute domain of the eaves of the project. At the entrance, as great milestones that mark the access, two forceful massifs clad in natural rock protect and guard us on our way inside the house.

It will be once inside where once again the Mediterranean tradition merges with contemporary minimalism in a large atrium, like a covered patio, through which the light dig into the two guiding lines

of the project. A patio that returns the garden to the interior of the house, a patio around which the different rooms on both floors are arranged: living rooms, dining room and kitchen, the six bedrooms, and even the private garage are directly or indirectly dedicated to relating to the patio at the same time that they open up to the views of the idyllic garden – or to the pool that reflects the lines of the eaves in its waters.

And finally, when we go deeper into the earth, the generous basement presents itself as a place of light.

Well, through a second side patio, the recreational spaces of the house open up in search once again of the welcoming nature that accompanies the project, and that articulates the route through the office, cinema, wine cellar, gym and spa.

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