Villa Oasis


Modern house architecture in Sotogrande

A stunning union between natural landscape, cutting-edge architecture and arresting décor, this exceptional villa offers both harmony and sophisticated beauty. It is a dream home that highlights all the core architectural styles of ARK.

Located in one of Sotogrande’s finest areas, this magnificent villa brings together traditional and modern architecture, a new vision of classic Andalusian style that adapts to the requirements and preferences of modern lifestyles without losing its timeless charm.

The property’s potent sense of harmony is reflected in expansive and translucent spaces, with the indoor and outdoor areas interacting in a way that gives a magical form to brilliantly luminous patios – featuring columns and fountains that add a refreshing touch to the ambience.

An exceptional space where each room is bathed in natural light thanks to the use of vaulted ceilings, glass display cabinets and other pieces that enhance the Mediterranean’s cosy warmth.

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