Villa Indigo


In the heart of Sotogrande, at Duarte de Portugal, we find Índigo. Partially hidden by the vegetation of the street, very close to the golf course, a building appears drawn with traces of travertine among the green of trees and palms.

And precisely this recollection of the plot itself is transferred to the architecture of the project. Indigo is an intimate house, private in its strictest sense, where each space looks at – and allows itself to be looked at – with exquisitely care.

Always try a harmonious and at the same time discreet connection with the garden, the pool, the background of trees that surround the house…

At first glance, it will seem like a compact project, on one floor, protected by a large shaded eaves that is barely pierced in some places to open entrances to the Mediterranean light. However, under this eave lies the heart of the project itself, a large open space with high ceilings where the two living areas and the dining room are housed, flanked on one side by a large kitchen, forming a nucleus around which the areas rest of the rooms and up to three of the bedrooms of the house.

But it still keeps one more secret, Indigo, following the gentle slope of the plot, leads us into a lower floor, completely open to a magnificent lawn. Once again, privacy and an atmosphere of intimacy prevail in the project, and protected by two travertine walls, the master bedroom with its bathroom, the gym and a fourth bedroom look out onto this haven of vegetation and light.

Finally, an external staircase – practically carved against one of the walls as a sculpture – takes us to the deck where we are greeted by a “chill-out” terrace from which we can visually dominate the exuberant surroundings and enjoy the sunlight throughout the year.

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