Villa Dune


A contemporary luxury house

Nature is at the forefront of this location, just as it used to be. The elements are showcased in all their splendour. The transparent turquoise sea, the white sand, the native pine trees and mastics. A warm feeling of well-being and serenity come together in such a way that once you have experienced it you will keep coming back for more. Feel yourself.

“Dune is located in an area with a unique DNA, Atlanterra

Zahara de los Atunes, which is part of Atlanterra, has the best beaches in Andalusia with untouched white sand, dunes as far as they eye can see and the large cliff at La Breña which serves as a backdrop for every sunset.

Tarifa, kitesurfing, El Estrecho Natural Park, fish salting in Barbate, La Breña Natural Park, Veler de la Frontera—a medieval bastion brimming with history, fields of wild bulls, Cape Trafalgar lighthouse, and the area surrounding Zahara oozes nature and tradition.


Dune has two separate properties.

Dune Sirocco with 1,800 m2 and Dune Mistral with 1,650 m2 both with a complex that includes spa and wellness areas, a guest area, gourmet room, and much more.

The main purpose of the properties is the well-being of its inhabitants. The string of patios acts as a box of light which subtly light up the living rooms in a way that only natural light can. The ubiquitous vegetation and water surround the intimate spaces and provide privacy for the inhabitants


This complex of two tiered properties is located on a hillside with spectacular views of the white sand beach and the Atlantic Ocean. The hillside construction frames the views, making them part of everyday life for the inhabitants. The architecture extends outwards, surrounding itself with vegetation while at other times letting nature occupy the space. The limit with nature becomes blurred as sheets of water, vertical gardens and native plants in their natural habitat all surround and are part of the properties.


The means for connecting with nature are the materials. In this inspiring space, the message is powerful: we merge with nature through geometry, we bring closer and interpret the natural elements to create an integrated space which connects us with the essence of the location.

The villas

When developing the villas the orography, position, prevailing winds and the views were all borne in mind.

An integration project which echoes the flow of the project and its atmospheric homeliness.

Dune Mistral


First Floor


Dune Sirocco


First Floor


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