Villa Ágora


Luxury architecture in Villa Agora

The idea behind Villa Ágora started with the goal of creating a main space to solve the necessities and relationships of its inhabitants.

The house is located in the prestigious area of Sotogrande (Cádiz) and it gets abstracted from its near environment thanks to some natural barriers which provides their inhabitants with privacy.

A luxury house projected with a vanguardist style and extremely depurated volumes that allude to the white Mediterranean architecture.

The main facade is linked to the garden through some assymmetrically composed volumes and it features a spectacular covered porch that let people develop outside most of their daily routines. In front of it there is a fabulous pool that looks like a water sheet integrated in the landscape.

Peace and calm flow together inside the building. Every space creates an ambience designed with the same aesthetics. There is nothing left to randomness and every element contributes to comfort and warmth.

Our commitment with quality and guarantee in our creations

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