Villa Sotogrande Golf


Contemporary building design in Sotogrande

The majestic elegance of this villa located in Sotogrande, is given by an imposing composition of pure volumes, which are conscientiously closed in three of their faces in order to provide privacy to the house and are widely opened towards the garden and the landscape.

Up to date aesthetics based on classicist postulates, setting as a result a perfect balance between tradition and modernity and an exclusive contemporary architecture design and interior decoration.

The layout of the project, specially designed for a mediterranean lifestyle, allows the house can be opened and breath day and night, and allows to be inside while being outside, thank to the massive and pilar clear covered terraces modern home decor and contemporary building design.

The importance of  contemporary architecture in building design process

The outside of the house is clearly defined by horizontal lines and great roof extensiones that frame the facade with pure and depurated shapes. The light reflects the whites and transmits calm and serenity. Inside, the great cristal facades let the house gets flooded with a comfortable light that enters perfectly controlled by the horizontal volumes of the balconies. This duality balances the relationship between the inside and the outside of the house.

Our commitment with quality and guarantee in our creations