Serenity Beach Villa


Serenity Beach Villa

The project is delimited by a structure of orthogonal plots in the area of the Miami islands, determining a place that has its own DNA and conditions us. 
We assume that it must establish a balance between the existing elements of water, light, beach, humidity, nature and a relaxed lifestyle.
Landing on these concepts, the idea of introducing a different light framing the landscape was born. Manuel R. Moriche seeks to be a breakthrough in an environment of white architecture, creating simple and precise lines, to give rise to a specific materiality proposing a different skin with sandblasted travertine. 
It breaks away from the common language of international and modern architecture with a nod to European architecture by using the materiality of travertine.
“Understand the place by leaving something of yourself”.
Miami light and sandblasted travertine create a play of light that elevates the project to a new dimension. These are multiplied by the reflections produced by the water from the sea and the swimming pool reaching the interior of the house.  

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