Villas and Golf, a natural combination by ARK Architects

Famorus of its luxury villas located in natural enviorments, the firm ARK has become a specialist in the combination of architecture and golf


A surface area of almost a thousand square metres, three floors connected by a lift, spacious contemporary style rooms, an infinity pool, a lush Mediterranean garden to take refuge in winter. Imagine all this just opposite the 18th hole of La Reserva Club.

This is “Villa La Escondida”, on of the most iconic works by Manuel R. Moriche and his firm ARK Architects. A studio that specialises in the design and construction of luxury villas but also in the exquisite combination that emerges when golf and architecture combine. 

The key -states Moriche- is “to respect the environment, play with its language, blend into the surrounding landscape, these are essential elements to enabling a property to be perfectly integrated”. 


Thus, its minimalistic lines blend into the green of the courses, breaking down the barriers between the inside and outside, creating a unique living space a safe investment

Fans of golf will find these exclusive villas to be a perfect space for relaxing, in a peaceful environment, without losing contact with nature. Ultimately, landscape, lifestyle and sport are three elements that are increasingly sought after when it comes to making a property investment.

Villa Reserva Club Sotogrande by ARK Architects El Mirador

“Waking up and feeling the sea breeze from your bed, feeling that you integrated into nature or working with ocean views, are privileges that these projects offer“, states Manuel R. Moriche, leading exponent of these new architecture “devised by and for people”, that adjust to the needs of the people who inhabit it and where the link with light and nature are crucial, an architecture based on emotions. 

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