Villa under Construction- Sotogrande

The project is a luxury villa in one of the best areas of Sotogrande.

One of the most impressive villas in Sotogrande. A privileged location, in Sotogrande Bajo, with sea views.

Where nature embraces a lifestyle that creates an oasis of emotions.

“The Hill” becomes a unique villa in the surroundings of the Costa del Sol, gets to be at the level of the luxury villas in Marbella but in a quiet and family area like Sotogrande.

A contemporary family home that sits comfortably its surroundings. Among its sophisticated amenities, Villa The Hill includes indoor and outdoor poos and a gym. The gardens are landscaped for privacy and make the most of the amazing views.

You can find all the information about this project in the projects section of our website, or on our FacebookInstagram and Linkedin

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