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Being at the top of best architecture firms in Spain is more than work, it is our philosophy

Best architecture in Spain. Every one of our genuine creations has a long process behind it. It can take us several months to us to achieve our main goal: to select every material, texture and shape that will define one of our houses. After Manuel Ruiz devises the whole concept from which each villa is born, our team of architects begins an incredible journey that starts with the preparation of the land and ends when its owner lives in it.

The light, the most precious material among the best architecture studios in Spain

At ARK Architects We create forms, which won’t be materialized unless light have an impact on them. Until then architecture simply doesn’t exist. Every place has a different light, and it is the work of only the best architects in Spain to know and understand this first rule, in order to work with it. Making light our most valuable material.

On the coasts and mountains of southern Spain there is a strong light, with high contrast, which allows us to work in a continuous movement of opposite elements: light and shadow. Spaces still exist when the sun goes down, but only the best architects in Spain knows this and works with it. To do so, it is essential to manipulate the artificial light so that our homes would be warm and cozy, and that we could create impressive atmospheres as we do with natural light.

ARK Architects. We don’t build houses, we create experiences.

Manuel Ruiz Moriche

For us sustainability is not the future
is the present

ARK Architects’ philosophy is clear – projects must be alive for human beings and respect the environment, because luxury and sustainability can go hand in hand.

Commitment to the creation of an adaptive architecture, this is what it means for us to be at the forefront as one of the best architecture firms in Spain. using specific materials which align with the owners’ lifestyle is challenging but not impossible. Of course, it’s not easy to achieve sustainability in a luxury villa with over 2,000 square metres floor area. The work to make it happen begins with the initial design of our best architects.

Projects where nature, spaces, natural light and a personal lifestyle all connect to create sustainable homes – this is our commitment

Manuel Ruiz Moriche

Being at the head of the best architects in Spain means accepting great challenges where architecture and nature merge. We intervene in places with a high level in landscape, and the integration of the project into the place is essential to us. Is in that moment when we think what we are going to give back to nature for allowing us to be there, for being part of it. And the garden is exactly the part that we return to nature; it’s the key to integrate the project into the place.

Dive into the experience

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