Discovering luxury at sea: Discover the top 5 most exclusive yachts on the planet

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Discovering luxury at sea: Discover the top 5 most exclusive yachts on the planet

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The relationship between luxury yachts and architecture  is significant, as yacht building involves the application of architectural and design principles to create aesthetic, functional, sustainable and safe maritime structures, but without forgetting cutting-edge design style and technology.

Some of the most outstanding yachts over the years have been recognised for their impressive dimensions, elegance, innovative features and luxurious amenities.




These are some of the most outstanding works of floating art to date:


History Supreme

It took British designer Stuart Hughes three years to build this 30-metre-long marvel, whose precious metals used in its construction make it the most expensive in the world.

Covered with solid gold and platinum, its price tag is 2.4 billion euros and although it is not known for sure, it is believed that since 2018 its owner is Robert Kuok, the richest person in Malaysia. It has a large gold aquarium and one of the rooms has a wall with Tyrannosaurus Rex bones and meteorite rocks.





Roman Abramovich, the Russian billionaire with dual Israeli citizenship, oil entrepreneur and one of the best-connected people on the planet, is the proud owner of the Eclipse.

Built by Blohm and Voss in Hamburg in 2010, she is valued at 800 million euros and is 170 metres long. On board she boasts two helipads, 24 cabins, three motorboats, two swimming pools, a submarine, several whirlpools, a cinema, a gymnasium and a discotheque among many other facilities.

The Eclipse has an advanced security system, as evidenced by its bulletproof windows and anti-missile defence system.

As a curiosity, this boat is equipped with an anti-paparazzi system, a shield based on a laser system that blocks the lenses of digital cameras that are nearby, for the privacy of its guests.

It is often seen sailing along the Costa del Sol, hence the image taken in the Bay of Gibraltar.





Once again, Lürssen Yachts in 2013 created a true masterpiece, this time owned by Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahayan, President of the United Arab Emirates and Emir of Abu Dhabi.

This 180-metre-long vessel is the longest private yacht in the world and can reach a maximum cruising speed of 32 knots. It is a complex and sophisticated mega-yacht with a steel hull and aluminium superstructure.

It is priced at 600 million euros and, among other amenities, has a heliport, an indoor swimming pool, a discotheque and a cinema.

The ship’s 48 cabins are divided among its seven decks, 18 of which are for guests and 30 for the crew. Little is known about its mysterious interior, other than that it is designed by French interior designer Christophe Leoni.




Serene and Leonardo Da Vinci

Its name comes from the jewel hidden inside, nothing more and nothing less than the most valuable painting in the world, the “Salvator Mundi” by Leonardo Da Vinci.

It was built in 2011 by Fincantieri and is owned by Mohamed Bin Salman, Prince of Saudi Arabia, distributed along its 133-metre length and with a valuation of 485 million euros.

Among its features are two heliports, a garage to house other boats inside, including a submarine.

Inside, there is a master suite with a fireplace and underwater views, a complete spa, an indoor swimming pool, a cinema room, a theatre, a climbing wall and a huge oven for cooking homemade pizzas.





With its steel hull and aluminium superstructure, this mega-yacht, once again built by the Lurssen shipyard, is one of the most expensive superyachts in the world, worth around 485 million Serene and Leonardo Da Vinci.

The lucky owner of Topaz belongs to the Deputy Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and member of the Abu Dhabi Royal Family, billionaire Mansour bin Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, and is 147 square metres in length.

Inside, it has a fully equipped garage: mini-submarines, catamarans, jet skis, inflatable boats, paddle surfers and other amusements. It also has two heliports, a gymnasium, several lounges, a cinema room, sauna, two jacuzzis on the aft deck and not forgetting its 26 guest suites.




Some of these large yachts, which ply the coasts of Marbella and Sotogrande are some of the examples that have been seen on the Costa del Sol:




Lady Moura, as indicated by her 24-carat gold lettering on the boat, was owned by Saudi tycoon Nasser Al-Rashid, an advisor to the Saudi Arabian family. Now owned by Mexican businessman Ricardo Salinas Pliego, the vessel is currently worth $125 million.

It was built in the German shipyard Blohm&Boss in Hamburg in 1989 at a cost of 180 million dollars, a price that made it the most expensive yacht in the world at the time. At 105 metres in length, the 6,359-tonne vessel is made entirely of steel and can cruise at a speed of 20 knots.

The super yacht has been spotted on the occasion of the international polo tournament that takes place every year in the exclusive Sotogrande resort.


ARK ARCHITECTS - YATE ocean victory


The Ocean Victory, considered one of the largest yachts in the world at 140 metres in length, is another of the superyachts that have been spotted anchored off the Marbella coast.

It is owned by Russian steel magnate Viktor Rashnikov, who is said to have paid 300 million euros for it, and was built at the Fincantieri shipyard in Muggiano, near La Spezia in Italy. It is a very modern ship, which entered service in 2014 and was built in Italy.

It can accommodate 26 guests in 13 cabins, while the crew can number up to 50. It has seven decks, with Jacuzzis, a swimming pool, spa area and even a floodable garage housing a 14-metre dinghy. It also has a heliport and a steel and aluminium hull.

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