The Importance of Landscaping Design by ARK Architects

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The Importance of Landscaping Design by ARK Architects

Reading time: 3

A luxury landscaping design is about more than just making a yard beautiful. After all, a well-cared-for lawn can make even a bare yard look appealing. Landscaping architecture is about transforming your yard into beautiful retreat while minimizing the impact human activities have on the plants and the environment in your yard. While adding a few potted plants significantly help improve the look of your yard, the true value of landscape design lies beyond aesthetic improvements.


Luxury Landscaping Design – ARK Architects

Landscaping design is not just about beautification.

Our modern and luxury landscaping design services are an indissoluble part, and very prominent in the ARK homes. The garden is designed at the same time as the rest of the living spaces of the house. Thus, when integrating house and garden, the project acquires an unitary dimension, since everything was based on the same design concepts.


ARK landscaping services succeeds to create sense-loaded environments. The experience of theses gardens takes you, on a domestic level, to a reunion of man with nature, to a tangible utopia.

By paying attention to the “spirit of the place”. In modern landscaping architecture every place, every landscape, every atmosphere, every project is unique. Respecting the environment, playing with its language, merging with the surroundings, are essential elements to ensure that the house is in harmony with the natural environment.

“The garden is the mediator between the architecture and the place. It is this element that encourages nature to accept me and allows me to set root. When I consider building a villa in a space. I wonder what I’m going to give back to nature o let me be there. And what I’m going to give is the garden, an element of union, of pivot, that ensures that the architecture and the place end up being in unity. So for me the garden is essential and yet it is the great forgotten aspect of contemporary architecture, even though it was already present in the origins of architecture, in Western culture when Plato and Aristotle taught in the gardens of “La Academia” and “El Liceo”. 

 Manuel R. Moriche

Landscape is the mediator between the architecture and the place

Landscape architecture is not just beautification, but it’s about creating a space and the ambiance of a development, initiating lifestyle and create a new public realm and also a quality built environment focused on the ecological footprint and the environmental framework.

Developing a landscape plan in conjunction with the architectural drawings assures that clients will enjoy a better building experience, a superior end result and a significant cost savings. Planning the design of the property along with the design of the house brings better organization to a project.

Savvy homeowners recognize that the key to a successful project is to take a “big picture” approach to design by involving the luxury landscape design in the earliest stages of the process, in order to avoid certain unnecessary expenses.

Another example of the importance of the landscape is to design and manage children’s outdoor environments. There is a huge opportunity to provide necessary spaces for children to engage with the wondrous and playful attributes of nature, to help them become conscient figures in society who will provide a continuing health of our planet.

In other words, neglecting the architectures of the world’s fast-changing landscapes will result in endless highways lined with grey endless blocks and endless tedium atmospheres – dreary expanses of housing, industry, forestry and agriculture – without natural and planting landscapes, rather that create green and invigorating areas and beautiful sustainable cities.

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