The global health crisis of COVID-19 doesn´t stop us

ARK Architects maintain our commitment to our clients. The projects are still ongoing, maintaining maximum security measures.

Our project development capacity has not reduced the level. The entire construction phase is a fundamental area that must maintain the highest level of quality in the creations of ARK Architects.

It´s the only objective to maintain our philosophy that real architecture is a built idea that materializes adapting to the place and lifestyle of its inhabitants. Being named as one of the best architecture and design studios in Spain is only based on perseverance, effort, professionalism, and passion for what is done.

Each project has a specific DNA since each place is different. Zagaleta, Madrid, Marbella, Benahavis, Marbella, or New York are completely different locations where regulations, vegetation, views involve a selection of materials that goes beyond personal taste.

For the luxury market, realizing a high-level villa implies that the degree of involvement and dedication requires a level that goes beyond the conventional one. On the other hand, it is perfectly understood since it is like designing, building, manufacturing and selecting everything that is needed to achieve a final product that is like a high-end watch where every detail must work to perfection.

There are fundamental elements such as orientation, terrain, topography, earthworks, foundations … multiple details that go beyond aesthetics. Functionality and appearance are essential and must work when building to create a sustainable, efficient and high-level villa.

Quality structures to achieve unique projects where you can truly enjoy and live is the goal. 

We must never forget that projects are going to be inhabited and must project that interest the market for an investor.

It´s a challenge that we love, we are passionate about and it ensures that we not only build houses but also create life experiences.

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