The creation of a masterpiece begins with a love of materials.

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The creation of a masterpiece begins with a love of materials.

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When architecture becomes a determinant of lifestyle, the architect becomes a designer of experiences for the people who will inhabit the dwellings.

A love of natural materials and an understanding of how they react is fundamental to achieving a unique level in every home.

In the case of natural stone, it has become the hallmark of modern sophistication at ARK Architects.

For me, architecture is a constant battle against gravity.
Architects work with the matter… with materials.
The matter that the law of gravity makes heavy.
And we have to fight to dematerialise them constantly.
That’s why we attach so much importance to working with materials.
Materials in their purest forms, with different textures, to see how they react to
light and what those tactile qualities are like, which are ultimately what we feel
when architecture is produced.

Manuel Ruiz Moriche –

A great masterpiece from ARK

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