The art of interact with nature through architecture: breaking down barriers

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The art of interact with nature through architecture: breaking down barriers

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ARK Architects’ philosophy is based on dialogue with nature, by use geometric shapes as a language and from there create idyllic environments and unique experiences



Nature is life. Breathing fresh air inside one’s own home significantly increases our quality of life. Gardens –because of their freshness, aroma, wellbeing and the possibility of uniting nature and home– were already in great demand before this pandemic situation. But now, after facing the lock-down period, they have become even more valuable. People are increasingly aware of the advantages of living surrounded by nature. The international firm ARK Architects use the gardens of their high-end villas as a mediator between architecture and the place where they are built.

This studio is specialized in the whole the process of designing and building luxury residences. For them, it is essential that the project is harmoniously blended in with nature.



A growing number of customers require this connection with nature inside their homes. Individuals and families who want to enjoy a more sustainable way of life and where nature and the peace that emanates come first. For this reason, the garden is a fundamental part of the brand’s projects and is integrated into the design of the villa from the very first moment.

The philosophy of ARK Architects is just that: an honest dialogue with nature. To do so, they use geometric shapes as a language. From this point, idyllic environments are created, always taking in consideration the foundations on which they are being created. For Manuel R. Moriche, creative director and partner of the firm: “Every place, landscape, atmosphere is unique. Every project is exclusive. Respecting the environment,playing with the language, merging with the surrounding landscape, work as essential elements to ensure that the home is perfectly inserted into the natural environment”.



When ARK begins with the design of a garden, the species selected can always be easily adapted to the environment. It is essential to “blend in with the place. Be friendly with our intervention, always respecting nature. If, in order to build one of our villas, we have to cut down exemplary trees, we try to move them around, or save them in some way. Our consideration for nature is far above all“, explains Manuel R. Moriche.

Integrating nature into the home not only helps to create that calm environment, but also influences the energy efficiency of the home. By setting landscaped roofs, vertical gardens or plant walls, they succeed to make the construction more sustainable.


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ARK Architects: a unique concept

ARK Architects is an international architectural studio located in Southern Spain, specialized in the whole process of design and construction of luxury residential villas. Their motto is not to only build houses, but to create unique experiences.

ARK Architects, led by the creative Manuel R. Moriche, offers a unique concept that cannot be found in any other company. Far from being a standard architectural studio, it integrates everything necessary to create a “tailor-made” villa.

Design, construction, building licensing, interior design, landscaping, and much more in just a single company: those characteristics have led ARK to become an international reference in the luxury real-estate market. Based in Marbella, their international projects are exporting Brand Spain way beyond the borders.

“Our architecture does not seek to win any awards, but to adapt to the people living there,” they say.

ARK’s designs are modern, contemporary, elegant and distinctive. They create places that maintain the DNA, considered as the key that allow an architectural project to awaken our emotions. This is why it is often said that there is no other architectural firm like ARK.

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