The alchemist of sweet Pleasure – Paco Torreblanca with ARK Architects

See, observe, contemplate… Paco Torreblanca has raised baking to levels that have never been matched before.

It’s not just about cooking. Nor is it just about making sweets. It is about creating authentic art for the sight, for the taste, for the senses…

After decades of working, studying, learning and putting passion into what he does, Paco Torreblanca has struck gold in pastries. A sweet alchemist. A magician who, with his hands, is capable of transporting anyone who tastes his sweets to another world, to exotic places, to the most rooted traditions, to the future of gastronomy. 

It is not surprising that throughout his career, he has been awarded with the Best Pastry of Europe, Best Pastry Chef of the Year, and has received the Grand Prize for the Academy of Gastronomy. But those are not the only recognitions that this bakery from Alicante has earned throughout the decades. It has accumulated almost twenty national and international awards. Torreblanca has managed to break down barriers in this country with his art. 

It should not be forgotten that he began his training in France, the birthplace of highend confectionery.

Paco Torreblanca

You can’t build the monuments this man creates if the art’s most genuine essence doesn’t run in his blood

Paco Torreblanca

In addition, Paco Torreblanca has done the important work of spreading the word about the art of pastry making by publishing several books, and has worked hard on his development as a professor of the art. He has was awarded Honorary Doctorate at the Polytechnic University of Valencia in Food Technology (2010) and Honorary Doctorate at the Miguel Hernández University of Elche in Fine Arts (2013). He founded the Escuela Torreblanca and is an active speaker in highlevel gastronomic presentations worldwide, as well as a contributor in numerous charity projects.

Jacob y Paco Torreblanca

PACO Torreblanca’s passion has been handed down to the next generation. His son, Jacob Torreblanca has followed in his father’s footsteps, and is already one of the most reputable bakers in the country. Named Best Craftsman Pastry Maker Teacher in Spain in 2003, Jacob has clearly inher-ited his father’s skills, and above all, the love for the profession, which they see as an art. As Jacob himself states: “Pastry is an evolving art based on lots of studying and hard work day in and day out with the materials at hand.”

Thanks to a unique collaboration between the Torreblanca Family and ARK Architects, the “ARK by Paco Torreblanca” chocolates have been elaborated

What does Manuel Ruiz Moriche think of architecture and haute cuisine?

And then I finished understanding …. !!

That kind of deep understanding, to what we call intuitive knowledge, that which depends not only on reason but also on emotion.

It was on my first visit to Rome, when I visited the Pantheon of Agrippa and the light became, that wonderful light falling from the sky that projected like a lantern over the immense dome marking the hours like a clock. A thousand atmospheres suspended in the air that seemed to dance in a soft dance under the rays of the sun. The stone of its structure maintained a perfect temperature inside, even though it was a hot summer day, and the scale was simply perfect, as if made for the Gods.

Then I understood that architecture was a multisensory experience where all the senses acted to create an almost spiritual sensation, difficult to achieve through other experiences.

Only one discipline brings me closer
to a similar experience, pastry and gastronomy.

In the gastronomic experience all the senses come into play as well as in the architectural, taste, smell, touch, sight, hearing … They all merge to create an experience that sometimes, when gastronomy becomes art, transports us to a higher state of almost spiritual happiness !!

Both disciplines embrace at times to aspire to the sublime, then, when they complement each other, the experience becomes unique.

For me, Architecture is or should be the perfect complement to haute cuisine, to get close to the circle of the 360 ​​experience, everything is perfect! the place, the stage, …. “Cuisine”

Close your eyes and imagine a perfect meal, prepared by your favorite Chef,
a beautiful room with immaculate walls and golden proportions stretched like a candle by the light,
overturned on the sea,
listening to the waves breaking against the shore,
smelling the sea salt,
feeling the breeze and with a soft sunset light dying everything gold …,

the light !!!! ….. always the LIGHT.

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