Technology as a partner to improve the lifestyle in ARK Villas

The owner of a luxury villa can know the state of the garden thanks to the advances in domotics that we incorporate in our constructions.

The progressive incorporation of home automation and its continuous evolution to improve our daily life is very present in the work we do at ARK architects. For some time now the luxury villas that we design and build incorporate a series of elements that are part of a basic domotics system that includes, for example, the automatic operation of lights, shutters or windows. However, the speed with which technology advances obliges us to constantly improve and update our services to incorporate advanced systems such as intelligent loudspeakers, capable of recognizing human voice. This technology allows the owners to give some orders like lowering the shutter or turning off the light.

Home access through facial recognition is another of the innovations that the studio has incorporated and that we are already offering to our clients. With this device, the owner of the villa experiences a remarkable improvement in the field of security and privacy, since facial recognition allows them to know at any time of the day who is in the house. In this way, we respond to the high expectations our clients to keep their home safe.
The incorporation of domotics in other parts of the villa like the garden for example (which allows its owner to have a quick up-to-date status) is another proof of the interest of ARK Arquitects to be at the forefront of technology. A smartphone or a PC is enough to control everything that happens in the house.

ARK Architects

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