The art of interact with nature through architecture: breaking down barriers

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ARK Architects’ philosophy is based on dialogue with nature, by use geometric shapes as a language and from there create idyllic environments and unique experiences Nature is life. Breathing fresh air inside one’s own home significantly increases our quality of life. Gardens –because of their freshness, aroma, wellbeing and the possibility of uniting nature and … Read more

ARK Architects don´t stop, fighting together against COVID

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ARK Architects more committed than ever to safety. we have reinforced our security and COVID protection protocols. None of our clients has had their projects affected. We continue to work with all projects and have had an increase in demand. Of course, we maintain our quality and professional protocols to the maximum, before, during and … Read more

Creating unique experiences in times of COVID by ARK Architects.

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The high-level architecture has become a safe haven and a valuable financial asset. This is the first time in recent history that there is a global pandemic situation. In view of this, as an organization, we have readapted our working protocols to ensure the correct functioning of the company. We have not stopped any project … Read more

Architecture to protect us against coronavirus and other hazards

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ARK Architects highlights the importance of building sustainable and healthy buildings to protect ourselves against the present risks, and the possible threats of the future Natural ventilation, site-specific analysis, landscape design or use of top quality building materials are some secrets of this firm to guarantee a house able to look after our health and … Read more

Our commitment to low carbon aluminum – Sustainable Architecture

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Sustainable architecture is the new reality Inevitably, electricity is required to produce aluminium. But we can choose the energy source from which the electricity is produced. It is a decision with a big impact on the carbon footprint. That is why we made agreements with our suppliers. We no longer want to purchase aluminium produced … Read more


Manuel Ruiz Moriche- ARK Architects

The have us surrounded. Even inside the spaces we build for ourselves – like homes and offices – we are a tiny minority. Invisible bacteria, fungi, and viruses outnumber us by orders of magnitude The design of our spaces has the power to hurt us or to keep us safe. From floor layouts to the … Read more