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The Most Important New Tool for Architects: Instagram (by Collin Abdallah)

In the current iteration of our digital age, Instagram is king in the social media. Boasting 1 billion (yes, with a “b”) active monthly users, if you are a business and not on Instagram, you are missing out.

Given the visual nature of the platform, architects and designers have flocked to the platform, using it to market their work, promote new ideas, and even pull in commissions. Other aggregator accounts use the platform to find and foster new talent, creating an entirely digital architectural community that is open to all.

But while the platform is bursting with design inspiration, it’s also interesting to take a look at the way businesses use the platform to share architecture. Highlighted in this article are a few that represent a range of experiences, while ultimately achieving the same thing: increased public interest in architecture.

In order to fully grasp the main idea illustrated in this case study of sorts, it’s helpful to understand how most architecture firms are currently using Instagram so that you really appreciate those a step ahead.

When Instagram started in 2010, it was conceived as little more than novelty platform on which you could share and view pictures with friends and family. Since then, the platform has evolved dramatically. Key additions in the last years including Stories, video, direct messaging, advertising, and most recently, Instagram TV (IGTV) have greatly increased the creative potential available on the platform. The overall quality of the content on Instagram has also grown alongside the platform itself. The camera in your pocket (your smartphone) is now often superior even to the point-and-shoot cameras on the market – the success of Instagram is part of the reason why. You have the power to take a near-professional quality image, edit that image to your liking with incredibly powerful post-production apps, and then share it with the world all at the tips of your fingers.

But of course, the ease and availability of such tools has a flipside: anything less than top quality will no longer cut it. There is no excuse for painfully blurry site construction photos, even less for those hastily composed, dimly lit, “studio desk” photos. Where is the creative spirit? Beyond just simply sharing your work, architects have a respected reputation for creating beautiful things, which should be carried throughout their work, regardless of media (built, drawn, digital, or otherwise.)  

Read the full article – here

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