Palladian Architecture designed to live – Villa Elypse

A Palladian Villa reinterpreted with modern language blends into a hillside in the La Manga region.

Palladianism was an approach to architecture strongly influenced by the sixteenth-century architect Andrea Palladio. Characterized by Classical forms, symmetry, and strict proportion, the exteriors of Palladian buildings were often austere, hence Elypse was born.

Elypse is a project that is born from two architectural ideas, one pragmatic, and the other poetic.

The first of them, perhaps the most obvious, is to solve the difference in elevation of the plot and take advantage of this unevenness to double the area of ​​the façade offered to the impressive views of La Manga.

To do this, the project resolves double access, private and public, and links them to the two habitable areas; one, upstairs, where the main rooms are located; and the other, downstairs, where the most lively rooms of the house – kitchen, dining room, and living room – are opened, in direct communication with the outside garden and pool area.

The second leitmotif of the project, the poetic one, starts from the imperishable premise that there is no architecture without the play of light on it. And precisely from this vocation to admire the light, the central patio that finally articulates the house is born.

 A patio that allows us to gain natural light in the playful rooms – gym, spa and games room – and which also creates a double set of exteriors on both sides of the noble areas, thus giving the feeling of simply inhabiting a shadow between two gardens.

It´s in this elliptical patio where the true heart of the house was located, a pond next to a small meadow of grass and rocks, presided over by a centuries-old olive tree and a staircase. For the eternal nature and for the architecture.

In this area throughout the day and the seasons, the light of the Mediterranean that bathes the Mar Menor transits freely and makes us aware of the eternal and the ephemeral.

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