Manuel R. Moriche presents how to create a “Masterpiece” at Valderrama.

The Spanish architect Manuel R. Moriche, the creator among other of the six emblematic villas of Mirador de la Reserva de Sotogrande and major projects in the most exlcusive resort in Europe, Zagaleta, gave a talk at the exclusive Real Club Valderrama, sharing the path to create a Masterpiece Villa with 50 guest.


Among commissions on five continents, Manuel R. Moriche stated that his architecture “is devised through and for human beings” an in an era where we are flooded with information “we should listen to our clients, support them and guide them so that the emotions that emanate from a villa when it is inhabited, arise form joint work and make it possible to create a long-lasting link between owners or investors and their Masterpiece”.


For more than 20 years Manuel R. Moriche has been aware of his link to light, nature and especially the Mediterranean. “Inspiration is in our environment, which show us the importance of light, spaces, textures and the lines that we depict on pieces of paper, and them transform them into life, happiness and peace of mind”.


Manuel R. Moriche, ate the age of 50 has become a leading cultural reference point, and he is recognized as one of the 50 most influential Spaniards in the world of culture, this architect-craftsman-artist, who like to say that he is “constantly learning” believes that in the world of architecture it is necessary to “constantly improve, you can never be satisfied, ante the quality of protocols in each of the areas of the project, is the guarantee to create that unique space using inert materials, but that have a lot of soul.

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Manuel R. Moriche has been defined as an architect of light, who works as a “craftsman of emotions” and uses shapes and lines, to integrate his villas into nature and create sensations that are only describable when the architecture is inhabited.

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Masterpiece, unique pieces to live in

Manuel R. Moriche shared his thoughts about how to create a unique space to live in and make a safe investment, with Brian Lavio, Director General for Spain of Audemars Piguet, a renowmed Swiss fine watchmaking brand, Javier Reviriego, Director of Real Club Valderrama Golf, considered the best golf course in Spain, after hosting the Ryder Cup in 1997, 16 Volvo ;asters and 2 AMEX championships, and Pedro Megias, CEO of ASPIRE Developers, who have been working in the world of luxury property for more htan 20 years. The talk was attended by 50 people linked to the world of luxury and investment in exclusive villas.

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