How to build an Experiential Villa by ARK Architects

Building an experiential villa is a long process that begins with an idea and finishes with an unique home

ARK Architects team has one mission: to create experiences that transcend through each of our projects becoming a masterpiece that people could enjoy. We live the experience of creating our projects as if they were complex artworks with the ability to turn the space into an unique experience in the world. To achieve this goal, the ARK Architects team gets involved in each step from the very beginning. When there’s only an idea Manuel Ruiz turns it into a project.


Manuel Ruiz Moriche- ARK Architects

Then we prepare every inch of the terrain that will support the house and, after that, we follow the path from building the house to plan decoration for every corner, designing domotics, landscaping… On this article we would like to show you what make us different as a team during the process of creating a Villa in costa del Sol.

With ARK Architects live the experience of creating our projects as if they were complex artworks with the ability to turn the space into a unique experience in the world.

Manuel Ruiz Moriche

ARK Architects Interior Design Marbella

Key Factors

So there are many key factors that contribute to success in the design journey. On one hand, an enthusiastic team and from the other hand, high quality suppliers. It does not consist of designing a villa; it is about landscaping, furnituring and a mix of elements in order to create a home, a sanctuary. This is the reason why all the elements of the project are designed by us and we are keeping an eye on each stage.


Ark architects


In addition, as a result of our awareness about energy consumption and the carbon footprint as well, we have considered our duty to build houses in a sustainable way using the resources provided by an amazing location such as costa del Sol.

Besides, technology has made houses smarter and has facilitated people’s life. Also, we want to promote both the energy saving culture and design innovation for domotic homes. that is why we believe that this tandem is essential in order to offer a complete experience.

For us is meaningful not only to build, but also reflecting our customer identity in each detail. We conceive our projects as an extension of our customers in order to reflect their tastes and thoughts because we know how to put ourselves in other people’s shoes.

Our customers confide in us thanks to our deep background —more than 20 years of experience— in the luxury sector. Our work proves that art and spirituality are experiences that could be materialized through architecture and design.

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