Exclusive partnership among ARK Architects and Louis XIII Cognac

This agreement enables the perfect mix of modern-high level architecture and exclusive spirits industry

ARK Architects & Cognac Louis XIII

The international architectural studio ARK Architects  has announced a partnership with the legendary French brand Louis XIII Cognac by Rémy Martin: an unique decanter of exquisite luxury cognac that takes generations of cellar masters to craft.

According to internationally renowned architect Manuel Ruiz Moriche, ARK shares important values with Louis XIII, such as uniqueness (the French brand achieves a unique experience in the world, thanks to its signature fragrance) and exclusiveness. “From the first drop –of Louis XIII Cognac– reaching our lips, we can notice the exquisite complexity that makes us feel a fabulous liquid piece of art. As we go forward, as in our Villas, a burst of infinite sensations is unleashed, as we discover the smoothness and temperance of a future-defining creation, that, at the same time, also honors the past”.

ARK Architects & Cognac Louis XIII

Manuel R. Moriche explains that “this partnership allows us to turn the exclusive cellars of our Villas into a museum where we can enjoy a sensory masterpiece offered by LOUIS XIII Cognac, into an exclusive space created to enhance the characteristics of this iconic brand through all senses”.

“It is an honor to create an outstanding space at our Villas for such a masterpiece such these exclusive LOUIS XIII bottles. It has been a difficult challenge because this cognac brand is already a work of art itself. We can enjoy its shades, and taste the exclusive liquor even before opening the bottle, and after that we feel more than 100 years of history though every drop. This art  indifferent to passing fads is capable to define the present and future of our clients, maintaining the philosophy in every Villa, the essence of a powerful history and an emotional commitment to the people who use passion for creating something unique, like LOUIS XIII”, says Manuel Ruiz Moriche about the partnership.

Manuel Ruiz Moriche’s Villas (located in Spain, France, or the United States, just to name some countries) are always a reflection of an amazing journey. The act of selecting every material, texture and shape, creating with this selection the  experience that its owner will experience, actually begins with the preparation of the land and ends when the Villa is completed to every detail, including furniture, home automation, pools, spa and landscaping. The execution is made with pure emotion and visual poetry.

Manuel Ruiz Moriche has conceived the unique space within the cellars of his Villas, with the same philosophy, passion and curiosity as when he designs his architectural masterpieces, where light, volumes and natural materials ennoble the traditions that have allowed the art of distilling the famous LOUIS XIII Cognac to remain unchanged.

“It was essential for me to create a unique space where this exclusive product, created with the patience and talent of several generations of cellar masters, could show the inhabitants of our Villas the essence of a truly beautiful drink, and it was with light, stone and the noblest wood where we found the answer”, adds Manuel Ruiz Moriche.


Decades will pass for LOUIS XIII, but just as in the architectural expressiveness of Manuel Ruiz’s projects, the passion for the beauty of art will remain intact”.

To conclude this exceptional partnership, in addition to the unique cellar spaces in each ARK Architects-designed Villa, clients of this international firm will be able to purchase limited editions and enjoy exclusive tastings and events, among many other benefits.

ARK Architects: a unique concept

ARK Architects is an international architectural studio located in Southern Spain, specialized in the whole process of design and construction of luxury residential villas. Their motto is not to only build houses, but to create unique experiences.

ARK Architects, led by the creative Manuel R. Moriche, offers a unique concept that cannot be found in any other company. Far from being a standard architectural studio, it integrates everything necessary to create a “tailor-made” villa

Design, construction, building licensing, interior design, landscaping, and much more in just a single company: those characteristics have led ARK to become an international reference in the luxury real-estate market. Based in Marbella, their international projects are exporting Brand Spain way beyond the borders.

“Our architecture does not seek to win any awards, but to adapt to the people living there,” they say.

ARK’s designs are modern, contemporary, elegant and distinctive. They create places that maintain the DNA, considered as the key that allow an architectural project to awaken our emotions. This is why it is often said that there is no other architectural firm like ARK.

According to Borja Rengel Blanco, Louis XIII Andorra & Spain Clients Manager, “ARK Architects and LOUIS XIII share values such as craftsmanship, design and admiration for nature, as well as the vision and emotions able to transcend time limits. Together we are able to offer an immersive Art experience at our clients’ cellars, challenging the human senses, with LOUIS XIII Jeroboam or Mathusalem and offering a legacy for the future.

“ARK Architects lives the experience of creating our projects as if they were complex artworks with the ability to turn the space into a unique experience in the world”

Manuel Ruiz Moriche

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