Creating Architecture from the Brain by ARK Architects ” Neuroarchitecture”

What is the relationship between our brain and architecture? How do they interact and to what extent does our environment, built in our neural system, influence our emotional well-being?

These are some of the issues we discuss in the Department of NeuroARKeting to put light on topic which most of the scientific community agrees upon: distinctive processes occur in our brain from the moment we enter a space.

Neuroarchitecture reveals that the artificial element added by the human being has a significant impact on the function of the brain and the nervous system. Man-made elements influence the function of the nervous system and brain activity. In some cases, the impact may be beneficial, while in other situations the shape and structure of the building can have a negative reaction.

This is the reason why the human response to architecture is generally based on subjective emotions and expressions like “I like that construction”, “I hate this space”, “This room is very open”, “The office is oppressive”… This tells us about the relationship between neuroscience and the design of the artificial structures in which we live.


Physical environment affects our cognition, our ability to manage problems and our moods, neuroarchitecture acts as a guideline when we aim to design emotionally positive homes and spaces that generate relaxation and beneficial sensory reactions.

This idea also led us to create NeuroARKeting, a department that we added to the services of ARK with the aim of integrating a new work tool, neuroscience, to the projects that are born in the studio. The work of NeuroARKeting is to offer a scientific approach to all the decisions that are taken throughout the project and that concern the materials, the spaces and the different designs that we choose for each one of our villas.

The creation of this department is a very important step in the history of ARK: to take into consideration the influence of our brain during the innovation processes and project development; we have initiated a completely new way of conveying architecture.

The synergy with other disciplines such as music, wellness, digitalization or artificial intelligence is essential to achieve the perfect balance so that the stimuli perceived in our villas is aligned and generates positive emotions feelings of wellbeing. This work carried out by NeuroARKeting, is at the forefront of the technological advances applicable to spatial design and it allows us to build a totally experiential architectural world.


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