Cliff-Hanging feeling at The 15

Wake up immersed in the views across La Reserva Club, Sotogrande, the Mediterranean sea and Africa.

The ultimate residential experience ever offered in Sotogrande.

The 15 is a gated community located in La Gran Reserva, featuring the most unique sites for your dream home, all set within a unique park developed by world-renowned landscape architect Jean Mus.

Each property is set on approximately half a hectare, enjoying a setting amplified by their ‘cliff-hanging’ design.

Each residence includes options to our concierge lifestyle and property service, providing our residents the perfect conditions to enjoy their leisure time.

Plot prices starting from €2,700,000

Exterior frontal 01 scaled

Life with a view

Feel the charm of the infinite gardens and the views overlooking La Reserva Club, Sotogrande, the Mediterranean sea and Africa.

Architecture integrated with nature

The plots invite interaction between the architecture and its immediate natural environment to create different, distinct spaces.

The inner and outer limits of the building are based on structures that develop from the inside to the outside, capturing the landscape, incorporating it into the building and creating the ideal resort living space.

At The 15, the architecture is integrated to maximise views, where harmonisation from inside to outside is seamless. We have a selection of designs by many of the greatest architects not just on a local level, but also leading designers from abroad.

Exterior lateral 001 scaled

- Architecture of the Senses -

Site Plan The 15 1

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