Cinema room to pass the confinement by COVID -19

COVID-19 has caused us to be in our homes much longer and those who are lucky to live in an ARK villa can enjoy the cinema

In this time when we have to be at home by obligation, what would be better than enjoying a good movie experience?

COVID-19 cannot compel us to enjoy ourselves with our loved ones.

At ARK Architects we have always been in love with cinema rooms and that is why we show you some examples and give you some ideas.

“The best way to go to the movies- is to stay home” 
-Bill Murray, actor

Just imagine cosying up in your PJs, screening your favourite film on a whim, pausing the picture whenever you like, and best of all never having to queue up for snacks or expensive tickets again.


As the famous saying goes, “The Devil is in the Detail,” and this saying is 100% true here. You cannot take on a cinema project without a full room design as there are too many areas that can go wrong, and the last thing you want at the end of this is a poor performing room that you do not use!

There are two elements to a design:-

Architectural Plans:- So that calculations can be made for screen size, projector throw distances, the right speaker and amplifier combination for the correct sound pressure in the room, as well as calculations for acoustic treatments. This plan should set out all of the critical information in the room including speaker locations, seating layouts, power requirements, equipment storage and ventilation. It is the build-up plan that will allow someone to create the room. 

Visualisation:- A visualisation allows the designer and the client to come together and agree exactly what the finished room will look like. These visualisations, or renders are exact models of the rooms which are used to sign off and agree a way to move forward to the actual construction stage of the project.

If you’re a fan of the minimalist look, go for an hidden surround sound speaker system where speakers are integrated into the ceiling and walls. To keep clean lines and clutter at bay add in a remote controlled motorised retractable projector lift, so it tucks neatly out of sight when not in use.

To take your comfy seating to the next level consider adding in a platform at the back of your cinema room to create tiered cinema seating, so that everyone has a great view.

For a modern sci-fi vibe you can’t go wrong with black or navy blue walls, a starry sky effect fibre optic ceiling, and LED strip lighting in bulkheads and skirting. For a more elegant, restful and timeless cinema room, go for a largely neutral colour palette with chic modern furnishings.

We will continue to enjoy the experience of ARK Architects

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