Blue Villa – New Luxury Villa for Sale

A villa with views of the sea and nature, BLUE villa by ARK Architects 

Best Architects in Spain . The Project colonizes a plot with a steep slope and impressive views over the sea.

A series of trays are displaced with respect to each other, adjusting to the topography and generating living spaces while releasing the wonderful views of the Mediterranean Sea and Gibraltar. We managed to have a villa that flies over the horizon looking out to sea.

An architecture with four precise staggered volumes that spill onto the ground blending in with the natural environment, each one housing the different rooms and uses for a unique lifestyle.

The subtle and thin profile of the trays contrasts with the materiality of the gray travertine that reflects the warm light from the south creating a calm and welcoming atmosphere emphasized by the appearance of wood in its composition. Stone, glass, and wood make up the Project’s visual and tactile palette.  

Basing architecture on natural elements to create a harmony worthy of the best architecture. 

Where families reconnect with others and create treasured memories in a monumental setting. 

The interior architecture becomes even more spacious through the amplified use of glass and finds its only border in the plants that serves as breathable boundaries 

A 970 sqm villa to enjoy unique visits to the sea and surrounded by nature. A villa with views of the sea and nature. It is the dream space for anyone who enjoys life with a style of architecture that makes a difference.

“Our Architecture is experiential. It´s not only about constructing walls but also about creating spaces to generate unforgettable experiences” Manuel Ruiz Moriche

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