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Sounditi composes soundtracks for companies thanks to the application of neuroscience techniques that allow the client to identify with their values.

What does your company sound like?

This is the fascinating question that the composer from Madrid, Alfonso González Aguilar, promoter of the Sounditi initiative, asked us,when he spoke about emotions, neuroscience and businesses. The firm, led by the prestigious composer of soundtracks, 20 times nominated for awards, has developed a working method based on the collection of information and the application of neuroscience techniques to create the ideal music. The objective is none other than to formulate emotions, that the clients and the employees associate with the brand values.

The style, tempo, or instruments that are included in the soundtrack of the company are defined based on the data collected by Sounditi. “Throughout the process, we test in our laboratory that each composite note works emotionally as it should, aligned with the values of the company,” explains the composer.


Described as unique after the live presentation of the company’s anthem by an orchestra led by Alfonso González Aguilar, in front of 750 company directors around the world. “The result was magical. It not only fascinated us, but excited us. After 25 years organizing corporate events I have to say that it has been without a doubt the most magical and powerful experience I have ever lived,” he explains.

Bonet, an expert in innovation and strategy in Marketing and Sales, thought that composing a hymn would be one of the most innovative proposals to help define a new Indra. “I wanted us to be the first company in the sector to have a soundtrack. And I am very proud to have found not only the right person, but probably the only person capable of acepting this type of challenge, “says Bonet.

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