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Unique homes in Spain to deliver a unique life experience to our clients. This is the objective that differentiates ARK architects in each one of our architectural projects. This is only possible because we control all the steps of the project, from the localization of the plot of land to the delivery of the key of one of our luxury villas to the owner. Our experience and our exhaustive work method have led us to become the Spanish architectural studio with the most villas of this type built. We do not design anything that we are not going to build and it is this ability to independently supervise all the processes that has allowed us to position ourselves as the leaders in the sector, in luxury destinations like Sotogrande and Marbella.

The different phases that give life to an ARK project have been conceived and devised to fulfill that goal while respecting quality parameters defined by the firm. Nothing is left to chance. The study of the land, the lifestyle of the families, a personalized architectural idea, the interior design and an exhaustive technical and implementation phase all give the service we offer a standard of luxury, something our clients seek for the project of their lives.

Our work begins with the localisation of the plot and the analysis and study of factors influencing the terrain, like its topography, orientation or development conditions. If the choice of the place is paramount, the lifestyle of the future inhabitants is no less important, a lifestyle determined by their hobbies, tastes and personal styles, the family typology or any other specific project requirements.


At ARK Architects we offer an architectural solution that adapts to the client’s lifestyle, and only in this way can we create a liveable house. To reach that goal the interaction with the client is very important and it is essential to know what their or their family’s lifestyle is.

During the creative phase, our challenge is to move the traditional architectural idea to a digital format that gives the client a 360 degree experience. Architects, decorators, landscapers and engineers from various departments like Ark Interiors, NeuroARKeting, Building, etc come together in the same phase of the project to unite ‘Architecture- Landscaping’ with ‘Interior Design’, achieving a fully integrated and meaningful project since its inception. The development of a 3D rendering of very real closeness to the final result, gives our client a very faithful and realistic image of his or her new home, visualizing in detail every space of the villa.

During the ‘contract’ phase, we deal with all the legal aspects related to the construction of a villa: urban development and work licenses, monitoring of legislative changes, dispatching of documents within statutory deadlines, final work certificates and handover documents, First Occupancy Licence, title deeds and utilities connection, amongst others.

This ample process leads to the technical phase with the writing of a document where we specify in detail each and every one of the construction elements and standards that will be used in the construction. A thorough and exhaustive description that includes, for example, the materials or elements that are part of a door to the type of concrete we will use in the garage.

The studio, together with the client, make the selection of all materials -next generation, for unique homes in Spain that will shape that lifestyle. It is during this part of the process that we calculate an exact budget, after determining all the technical parameters whereby achieving a highly technical and detailed amount (excluding future modifications). At this point, the client is perfectly aware of the cost of their villa, their dream.

The actual implementation of the work begins with the involvement of the ARK Building division, the real qualitative leap of our studio. The need to offer the customer a comprehensive and personalized service was what led us, almost a decade ago, to start this new path at ARK Architects. We believed it then and we believe it now: guaranteeing the quality we demanded in the construction forced us to become builders as well.

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