ARK LAB: how villas with soul are designed by Manuel R. Moriche

Every property project by the Company ARK is anything but standard. Natural stone, food, fabrics, the windows, the plants… if there is something that characterises their luxury single-family homes it is because they are tailor-made projects. A kind of living architecture that can adapt to a specific space and conditions to produce a unique living experience.

Evolving, investigating and being at the cutting-edge of the latest methods, solutions and technologies is one of the pillars of ARK LAB. Ideas flow in this design laboratory in order to find solutions and innovate in every new project, always with the aim of being more sustainable, efficient, technological and with the best quality materials.

Innovation ARK Architects Marbella

ARK LAB analyses the materials, carries out tests, manufactures the models with 3D printing, carries out virtual reality experiences, and even carries out neuroscience studies. All with the aim of creating properties that are truly unique and personalised. As the architect Manuel Ruiz Moriche, co-founder of ARK points out, “there is an increasing demand for tailor-made, limited and unique design in a sector where exclusivity and privacy is the key to standing out”. Hence the need to coexist with constant innovation.

In recent times there has also been a leap from industrial interior design to emotional design. Both the properties and the interior design projects, especially on the premium market, seek personalisation, emotion, the creation of unique experiences within the property. Nobody is looking for spaces without soul, that are uniform, mass produced. Now, people want private settings to blend into the nature where they are located and, to also have some of the character, personality, tastes and qualities of the client or family that is going to live in them.

Aware of this new trend, and with the slogan “unique homes with pieces that are also unique”, this year ARK has launched the new “ARK Collection 2021”. A selection of high-end design pieces that pay tribute to purity and serenity and are able to adapt to the particular features of each villa. This proposal for select pieces includes both furniture and sculptures, versatile and functional, suitable for all kinds of spaces. They all represent nature and balance with simple but precise lines that seek -just like ARK studio the abstraction of the superfluous to manage to reach the heart of what is essential.

Nature Dining 2

Although the dimensions and designs are very different, they all have something in common: they are produced with materials that are timeless. Among them, stone stands out, offering shades such as Duomo white, pure white and grey. Likewise, microcement is used, which provided the beige tone renowned for its distinction and elegance, and the European oak wood of the Laciotto, Noce and Rústico formats.

The interesting thing about the “ARK Collection 2021” is also the concern for light, that is characteristic of the ARK studio. The fact is that all the pieces are meticulously selected for their shape, weight and texture after a detailed study of the light that falls on them in each room and at each time.

“Just like our architecture, these works live thanks to and for light” explains Manuel R. Moriche, known precisely in the sector as the architect of light and nature. “This collection has been worked on to become something that will always remain in our memory, in our emotional sensibility and in the space surrounding us at this specific time”.

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