ARK Gourmet – Wine by ARK Architect

The studio launches its first line of products exclusively designed for its customers.

At ARK, we wanted to give a twist to our menu by creating ARK Gourmet, a line ofluxury gourmet products that only the owners of our villas will enjoy. Toe idea comes from the conviction of Manuel Ruiz, one of our founding partners, that haute cuisine and good architecture are similar. Both combine materials and ingredients that, on their own, do not appeal to us but when combined in specific way by a good chef or an excellent architect, the result can trigger multiple sensations.

Architecture and gastronomy are disciplines that provoke multisensory experiences, where all the senses come into play.

Manuel Ruiz Moriche

With ARK Gourmet we wanted to allude to gastronomy, so we created a fon way to continue working on the exclusivity and personalisation of our villas.

Toe first of the products included in our selection is ‘Neo’, a red wine of the ‘Ribera del Duero’ designation, of the year 2012 and harvested by Bodegas Neo. Aged 20 months in new French and American oak barrels, this exclusive and limited edition wine will take the owners of our villas on an unforgettable journey.



GRADE Excellent

VARI ETY 100% Tinta del país (Tempranillo)


Grapes from 50 and 60 year old vineyards located in ‘La Horra’. Toe vineyard is monitored throughout the year and production is limited to 1,500 kg per hectare.

PLANTATION TYPE Pruned ‘en vaso’ HARVEST Carried out manually in boxes of 16 kg during the first fortnight of October; transferred to the winery in trailers of 3,000 kg. MACERATION 22 days at temperature controlled by sprays.

AGE I N G 20 months in new oak barreis (80% French and 20% American).


22.000 numbered bottles.


Light filtering and clarified processes. This can lead to eventual slight precipitation.

OENOLOGIST Julio Conde Delgado

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