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Create a Unique Home With Unique Pieces

By Manuel Ruiz Moriche

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The essence of the ARK Collection designed objects, like our architecture, lives in light, and how it affects the materials we use. Through the materials, their shape, weight, texture, and, above all, how light transforms them, our collection seeks to make a dent in our memory, in our emotional sensitivity, in the space that surrounds us and in time.

Connected with the materials, this collection introduce pure, calm , warm and soft .

“Materials react with one another and have their radiance, so that the material composition gives rise to something unique. Material is endless. Take a Stone: you can saw it, grind it, drill into it, Split it, or polish it – it will become a different thing each time. Then take tiny amounts of the same stone, or huge amounts, and it will turn into someting else again. Then hold it up to the light – different again. There are a thousand different possibilities in one material alone.” Peter Zumthor – Atmospheres

The simple, accurate lines with which the pieces of the ARK Collection are drawn reflect the philosophy of Manuel Ruiz Morihce: abstracting from the superfluouse to reach the essential, what inhabis our memory.