ARK Architects, in the frontline of the national press with Manuel Ruiz Moriche

The prestigious economic portal Cinco Días y Expansión, interviews Manuel Ruiz Moriche, architect and founder of the international studio ARK Architects.

Manuel Ruiz Moriche ARK Architects en Diario Expansión

The architecture, protagonist in the front page of the national press. Manuel Ruiz, architect and founder of the renowned ARK Architects studio, was interviewed by the prestigious economic newspaper Cinco Días, linked to El País and Grupo Prisa, one of the main media scenarios and with the greatest visibility on the Spanish scene. The interview reviews the beginnings of Ruiz and the renowned firm in its settlement in Sotogrande, as well as an analysis of the profiles and trends of current architecture at the highest level and with the most exclusive quality standards.

“There is a quite important trend for the cult of the body and health. Lately we are providing almost all homes with a wellness area, with a gym, spa circuits, Turkish baths … ”, explains the architect about trends in the sector. It also highlights that “the place where the projects are carried out is fundamental. I am inspired by what I have around to build: the sea, the landscape, nature … My goal is to make it seem that the house has always been there ”, he explains about the inspiration process when conceiving a new project. “It can be something as simple as, for example, that a bathtub has a very large window next to it where you can see the sea. For these details we have to be very precise, very handmade. Today we have machines that help us with these things ”, he clarifies.

Regarding the particularities between foreign or national clients, he practically sees them at the same level, although he emphasizes that “the Spanish client has an added problem, which is that we all always have a friend who is an architect and who tells us that it is better to do things in a certain way. or another, it is more difficult for them to let go, “he says. Regarding the costs of an exclusive design, he clarifies that “the design, in itself, is not expensive. It becomes expensive when we go to very exquisite materials, but there is always a way to avoid them ”.

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