ARK Architects don´t stop, fighting together against COVID

ARK Architects more committed than ever to safety.

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we have reinforced our security and COVID protection protocols. None of our clients has had their projects affected.

We continue to work with all projects and have had an increase in demand. Of course, we maintain our quality and professional protocols to the maximum, before, during and after the delivery of our projects.

This situation of the global pandemic has not stopped us, on the contrary, it has stimulated us to create more projects assuring the investments of our clients. With projects in Marbella, Zagaleta, Sotogrande, Madrid, Portugal, Greece, Miami and Arkansas, there was only one way left, to protect ourselves and fight against the coronavirus all together.

We have implemented a protocol reinforcing all the security measures.
This action protocol includes the measures known to most, as well as other specific measures:

– Maintaining basic preventive measures for cleaning hands, use of masks and maintaining a safe distance.

– Limit the entry of external personnel to the installations as much as possible (commercial visits, non-essential technical assistance services, etc.) except those strictly necessary for the correct operation of the company.

– Extend the cleaning and disinfection of work equipment.

– To use obligatorily the E.P.I.s provided by the company and, specifically, those related to personal asepsis like the disinfectant gel.

– After each use of the centre’s own machinery or equipment that can be used by another person, apply, as far as possible, disinfectant products in the areas of contact with the hands.

– When delivering and receiving delivery notes, avoid physical contact and encourage, whenever possible, the electronic exchange of these documents.

– The implementation of teleworking has allowed work by objectives with greater productivity and family reconciliation.

“Teleworking has been an opportunity in our work scheme, as our operational activity is continuous and this has made it easier for the various office teams to carry out their activities from their homes” Manuel Ruiz Moriche


We can only say: “Thank you very much to all the team, thank you very much to all our clients and thank you very much to all our collaborators”.

At ARK Architects, we continue to design and build unique projects that ensure an experience for only a select few.

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