“Nature and architecture blend in a dream home: Villa Origen. A majestic project with which ARK Architects is adding a new gem to the most exclusive landscape in Sotogrande.”

Villa ORIGEN- Sotogrande

A plot of almost one hectare located in the middle of Los Alcornocales Natural Park, with very flat terrain and facing the south was the place chosen by ARK Architects to design Villa Origen. A project where, from the outset, the most perfect nature was the big star. An endless source of inspiration for a project that, according to its architects, practically created itself, always around the land and a maxim: unity as a major challenge.

The objective, however, was more functional. To develop a single-family home of 2,500 m2, within a plot of 10,000 m2 with a series of complex requirement including a spa area, a wellness space, an area for guests and a gourmet living room.

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Finally, ARK Architects chose to create a building on a single floor, occupyinga large part of the terrain and fully integrating into the landscape. “An energy-filled and precise volume that closes towards the outdoors, taking care of the privacy of its inhabitants and fully opening up to the Natural Park, as if it wanted to hug it and incorporate it into the project” argue its creators in this regard. Inside, there is a series of patios, gardens and water features with light boxes around which the living spaces are organises, which offers the feeling of living in a garden. Thus, the boundary between the interior and exterior is blurred and constantly blends.

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Undoubtedly, one of the keys to the success of this project was the prevailing need to capture and understand the light, play with it and master it. The fact is that, according to the architect and co-founder of ARK, Manuel Ruiz Moriche, light is one of the central themes of architecture.

Understanding it and dosing it is the key to creating a truly magic space. A place as marvellous as Villa Origen for living and, ultimately, feeling happy

Article by Revista de Sotogrande

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