“ARK Architects, Artisans of the new architecture” in FORBES

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“ARK Architects, Artisans of the new architecture” in FORBES

Reading time: 2

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When FORBES listened to us, ARK Architects.

It’s funny, but now we remember how a year ago FORBES loved our architecture and called us “Artisans of the new architecture”.

Now is a good time to remember some of our main messages, which were captured in a great video.


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Architecture exists thanks to light, without light it is not“.


Manuel Ruiz Moriche, partner and principal architect of ARK Architects, is categorical when he refers to the surroundings of the villas they design and build: “When I intervene in a place I ask myself what I am going to give back to nature for allowing me to establish myself there, because it has always been there and I am an invader”.


Entrevista Forbes ARK

In this sense, Santiago R. Moriche, partner and head of the construction area, explains the particularities of the terrain in Andalusia, where they have their headquarters: “The tectonics, the geology of the area is very changeable. From the Campo de Gibraltar to Marbella we find different types of soils that condition the different types of foundations”.

A comprehensive multidisciplinary team made up of engineers, landscapers, architects, interior designers “Our management process is very broad, from the search for a plot of land to the delivery of the fully furnished home“, says Diego Suárez, partner and head of the management area, who accompanies the client on an emotional journey whose destination is the home that is perfectly adapted to their personality and needs.


forbes interview ark architects


Antonio Ruiz, head of business development and marketing, adds: “We are here to focus on the human being, on the people who are going to live in our homes, that is our focus“.

This humanistic vision of architecture leads ARK Architects to control the details down to the millimetre, as Ricardo Zafra- Polo, architect and project manager, explains: “We start talking about metres and end up talking about millimetres, from the moment the excavator comes in until we are folding the sheet”.


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