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Our commitment with quality and guarantee in our creations

ARK+ is the division of ARK that assures our commitment with quality and guarantee in the creations of our luxury residential architects . The goal of this team is let our customers focus on living in villas like Marbella luxury homes without worrying about what’s not important.

We’re going far ahead of the villa management in Costa del Sol and the warrant included with every house we built. As ARK controls the whole building process of their Marbella luxury homes, no one knows our houses better than us. That’s why ARK+ is an exclusive team for ARK’s customers. ARK+ department is in charge of advising and supervising that the home meets the standards it sets. Together with the official 2-year guarantee, the ARK plus service provides peace of mind, comfort, and the security of all the customers that their villa management in Costa del Sol will be exhaustively supervised in every possible way from the first day. 

For ARK it is vital that its creations maintain the same philosophy, quality and design as the first day. This means peace of mind for our customers and the security that they will be informed of everything happening with their villa.


These areas are vital, so we supervise their state and care, with attention to all their features. We regularly review all the facilities and send you a detailed report. 

Central heating | Plumbing | Air conditioning | Electricity
Windows & Views
Aluminium structures | Window closures | Lights | Glass
Furniture Fittings
Furniture | Cupboards | Wooden structures
Swimming Pools
Engine room | PH levels | Checking equipment | Water purification | Pool cleaning
Operation | Connections | Checking equipment | Home cinema | Smart home
Plant health | Products | Supervising installations | Preventive maintenance

Team responsible for ARK+

Grupo 281

Fernando Pérez

Landscape architect
Grupo 367

Santiago Ruiz Moriche

Technical Architect
Grupo 368

Daniel García

Building Engineer

Carlos Amador

Building Engineer

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