Architecture and gastronomy a perfect marriage I ARK Architects

Architecture and gastronomy are disciplines that provoke multisensory experiences.

Gastronomy in Marbella

The idea comes from the conviction of Manuel Ruiz that haute cuisine and good architecture are similar.

Both combine materials and ingredients that, on their own, do not appeal to us but when combined in a specific way bu a good chef an excellent architect, the result can trigger multiple sensations.


I still remember my first visit to the arrayanes patio of the Alhambra in Granada, so I began to understand the essentials of architecture.

Architects in Marbella I ARK Architects

Architecture and Gastronomy are two disciplines that share many aspects in common. In both, the experience is multisensory. Much or almost all the senses are part of the final experience and make it special and unique.

In the case of Architecture: sight, touch, smell, and hearing, make the experience of perceiving a space something absolutely magical and indelibly marked in our memories.

Gastronomy brings to the architectural experience that last sense that it lacks to become total, taste !!

When both disciplines come together, they catalyze each other. In these moments one of the best gastronomic experiences that I have had and that I still remember comes to my memory.

It was at the restaurant in Leca Da Palmeira by Alvaro Siza, that wonderful piece of Architecture stranded on the beach rock. I still remember the taste of that salt fish. I certainly do not know if it was the food or the Architecture of Siza, I only know that I keep it in my memory as a unique experience.

 Let's not forget that the ultimate definition of Architecture is the creation of a "Scenario “for the human being, a stage to live, to dream, to aspire to happiness in absolute terms and why not to enjoy a good gastronomic experience.

Manuel Ruiz , ARK Architects

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