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Welcome to Nawayef, Hudayriyat island, an elevated, freehold development by Modon that redefines the landscape of Abu Dhabi. Discover a unique and unparalleled terrain that features rolling hills reaching heights of up to 55 metres, making this development truly one of a kind in the region. Every neighbourhood within this exquisite enclave boasts breathtaking views across the Abu Dhabi skyline and the aquamarine waters that surround the island.

Explore the meandering streets and avenues of Nawayef, meticulously designed to create a sense of mysticism and nostalgia. Discover homes that excel in every aspect, ensuring your privacy and providing a serene escape from the thriving city a short drive away.

A substantial property with uninterrupted panoramic views, privacy and a generous home to enjoy for generations to come.

Enquire on this premium, freehold residence on Hudayriyat Island, with prices starting from AED 50M.

Hudayriyat Hills – Nawayef West, presented by Modon Properties.

Immerse yourself in the ultimate blend of contemporary sophistication and pristine natural surroundings at Hudayriyat Island. Experience a harmonious fusion of athletics, nature, tranquility, and world-class amenities, crafting a lifestyle unlike any other. Step into a realm of unmatched luxury at the Nawayef Mansions, nestled within Nawayef West. Each mansion is meticulously designed to provide an opulent residential experience. With stunning oceanfront views and peaceful green spaces, every element is meticulously integrated to enrich your daily living.

Five Key Features of Hudayriyat Island

Four Reasons to Choose Hudayriyat as Your Home

Nawayef Mansions

Discover the allure of Nawayef Mansions — an exclusive haven where you are invited to choose your ideal home from five distinctive variations, each set within generous grounds and boasting commanding views of the vibrant neighbourhood to the Abu Dhabi skyline and the breathtaking azure expanse of the Arabian Gulf.

The five spacious Mansion designs boast an area of 1,685 square metres to 2,700 square metres of finely designed homes. Seize this rare opportunity to reside in a preeminent home with unparalleled panoramas. What’s more, you now have the liberty to select both your preferred grand design and the plot where you wish to call home.

This limited prospect opens the door for you to live at the pinnacle of Hudayriyat Island’s most coveted neighbourhood. Make the most of this unique chance to make this remarkable place your very own.

Discover the unprecedented charm of large, premium villas nestled within the heart of Nawayef. Each unit is meticulously engineered to capture uninterrupted views of the coast or city skyline, as the neighbourhood rises upwards from the stunning blue waters of the Arabian Gulf.

With sizes ranging from 810 square metres to 1,600 square metres, these generously sized villas provide expansive living spaces, abundant natural light, and a feeling of grandeur.

The garden built to be sustainable

Heirs to the powerful landscape that surrounds us, the selection of native species is essential for our gardens and courtyards.
Landscaping is also of fundamental importance from the point of view of sustainability.

Manuel R. Moriche

“Projects where nature, spaces, natural light and a personal lifestyle all connect to create sustainable homes – this is our commitment”.

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Living in Hudayriyat Island

Hudayriyat Island places homeowners at the heart of it all, a stone’s throw from pristine beaches and expansive parks, offering an address that’s both exclusive and sought-after in the city. Perched high in the hills of Hudayriyat Island, overlooking the bustling marina, or nestled along the serene banks of the Hudayriyat Canal, these residential neighbourhoods are tailored for those in search of an enviable island lifestyle in the heart of the Capital.

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